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  1. Mar 15, 2012
    By going back to adolescence, Fite's made his most mature album.
  2. Mar 14, 2012
    Not only does Fite sing more than speak-rap, he doesn't push oddity so hard. [Apr 2012, p.92]
  3. Jun 6, 2012
    Looking backward lyrically while pushing forward musically, Fite's made a mature album that hasn't lost sense of either youthful energy or concern.
  4. Mar 14, 2012
    Not only are the songs so perfectly patched that it's hard to tell they were ever fractured, but in the age of Pro-Tools editing, they seem like relatively standard pop songs.
  5. 60
    While the album will draw you in, you may find it hard to stay there until the last track.
  6. Mar 14, 2012
    Between the innocuously rambly music, Fite's toned-down vocal mannerisms, and this pencils-up-the-nose persona, Ain't is a record that's hard to dislike, but nearly impossible to imagine loving.
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  1. Mar 31, 2012
    Tim's Fite tenth album - "Ain't Ain't Ain't" is a fairly average folk LP, soaked partially in alternative. It's one of those CDs whose songs sounds good playing somewhere in the background - present the good side, but then you do not even remember how the song was called. Full Review »