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  • Summary: Recorded in 2005, this is the second album from Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate, who won a Grammy for their previous effort together. Ali Farka Toure passed away from cancer in 2006.
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  1. This is a magnificent and poignant farewell.
  2. This album and its predecessor are worthy and awe-inspiring tributes to the man and the Malian musical traditions for which he and Diabaté were--and continue to be--the strongest and most compelling of standard-bearers.
  3. To put it simply, Ali and Toumani is a quiet, intimate, timeless record; a transcendent expression of cultural pride, deep friendship, and above all, breath-taking musical colloquy.
  4. You get the feel of two of the world's greatest musicians in a room together, having a conversation and creating a document that will carry their legacy into the future. It is not challenging music. Anyone can approach it easily, and it is the perfect initiation to Touré's talents for listeners who haven't yet heard him.
  5. This self-titled album is a fitting tribute to Toure’s and Diabate’s genius and friendship, and is a beautiful farewell.
  6. Beautifully recorded, Ali & Toumani lives up to and perhaps exceeds expectations.
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    For residents of the 21st centurey, the sound is not nearly as exotic [as it was in 1980]....However, what is particularly striking about this album is the players' ease and familarity, both with each other and with their instruments. [Winter 2010, p100]

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