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  1. Some of the finest music of their already sterling career.
  2. Their brightest, most accessible album to date... the band is absolutely brimming with confidence and vitality.
  3. I highly recommend this album - musically, politically, aesthetically, thematically - you name it.
  4. Song for song, this could be its best album.
  5. All Hands on the Bad One finds the Northwest power-trio at their most melodious, playful, sarcastic, and punchy-- both musically and lyrically.
  6. A strong collection of quick, higher-energy rockers.
  7. 80
    All Hands on the Bad One may not be as spiritually cohesive or accomplished as the band's classic 1997 outing, Dig Me Out, but none of that matters when you turn it up and play it loud.
  8. 80
    With simple surf beats and a lyrical bent that takes in everything from ladymen to male models, All Hands... is mostly playful (You're No Rock & Roll Fun) with a touch of pathos (Was It A Lie), but not a bad one in sight.
  9. 80
    Despite the signs of sonic evolution, All Hands is mostly cut from the same cloth as its predecessors, with the record's heat generated from the braiding of lead singer Tucker's histrionic vocals and Brownstein's deadpan backup and everywhere-at-once guitar.
  10. All Hands on the Bad One returns to concise song structure, making it more accessible and ultimately more satisfying.
  11. Despite the thematic monotony, Tucker and her band mates think louder and rock smarter than anyone in their class; a modest effort like All Hands would be another band's masterpiece.
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  1. GustavoM
    Jan 1, 2004
    This album is amazing, for all things: the lyrics, the music, the great voice of Corin Tucker, it's rock 'n' roll!!