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  1. All We Grow is not an album for instant gratification, nor is it an album to relegate to background music. Rather, this is a record to study and indulge yourself in--it deserves every bit of your attention.
  2. Q Magazine
    Pieced together over a two-year period, the results are often stunning. [Oct 2010, p.104]
  3. This is intimacy on a purely aural level, the ultimate headphones album.
  4. Carey almost certainly has a better album in him, but as a 40-minute introduction to the man behind the drumkit, this one is an assured and undemanding success.
  5. All We Grow is still a remarkable debut, a perfect companion for these upcoming leafy fall months, and a huge indication of really good things to come.
  6. Uncut
    Like Arthur Russell, he marries such influences [of Steve Reich and Terry Riley] with an off-kilter pop sensibility. [Oct 2010, p.87]
  7. Down to the near-microscopic details, down to the faintest rough edge on his smoothest vocal landscapes, down to the last moments on the final track: it's a self-sustaining, well-rounded album that stands well without Bon Iver-especially without a drum solo.
  8. Not every song achieves such effortless drama. At times, Carey comes across as more a student than a master. He has obviously consumed a tremendous amount of music, but he hasn't fully digested some of his influences.
  9. It's also nice to hear vocals like Carey's which gently suggest a Brian Wilson sense of harmonizing instead of fully pushing the point--refreshing given so many of Carey's compatriots in indie-leaning rock music.
  10. Listening to the work heard here, it may be a bit premature to file Carey's work beside some of the musical touchstones suggested by his record label's press corps (Bill Evans, Talk Talk), but it does suggest a good start and a solid grasp of the spaces that can be created by music.
  11. Carey has made a debut record that is both solid in its own right and hints at the promise of great things to come.
  12. Mojo
    Gently is how Carey does it, and he does it well. {Sep 2010, p.102]
  13. All We Grow is surely the work of a confident, able composer. However, Carey seems to need more time with his ideas, more of a willingness to take risks and break his songs out of their initial molds.
  14. Carey has an eye for sonic detail that will surely benefit the next Bon Iver record, but on All We Grow, neither his songs nor the way he delivers them stick around once the blurry cacophony fades.
  15. It's a solid enough effort to merit hope for better things in the future is pretty good for us, too.
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  1. Jan 6, 2018
    This is a superb album. It's got very unique songwriting and melodies that I just don't hear very often. This has got the sparseness of BonThis is a superb album. It's got very unique songwriting and melodies that I just don't hear very often. This has got the sparseness of Bon Iver mixed with the gentle experimentation of Sigur Ros. I can't really do it justice with words, it's a work you just have to hear to be honest. A brilliantly delicate record and is one of the better releases of what was the strong year of 2010. Full Review »