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  • Summary: This is the third full-length solo release for the former Emeralds guitarist.
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  • Record Label: Dead Oceans Records
  • Genre(s): Electronic, Experimental, Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Post-Rock, Experimental Ambient
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  1. Apr 11, 2014
    Along The Way sounds remarkably fresh and vital, in fact, the mark of a gifted musician trying to incorporate his philosophical yearnings into a concrete manifestation that can be shared at will.
  2. Feb 13, 2014
    It's a work of music that seismically shifts in front of your ears. Melodies form crystalline shapes that grow, morph and solidify under a haze of generative ambience. Some of those ideas laid down on Get Lost have taken shape as an LP, designed to play through from start to finish.
  3. Apr 1, 2014
    It's an incredible feat for an artist to make something so enormous and unfolding without losing himself in the process, but McGuire has done just that, and as a result has turned in his most detailed and soul-searching work.
  4. 70
    Although his mission proves futile, he approaches it with a curiosity of spirit that makes ‘Along The Way’ a captivating and nourishing listen, less noodly than his early solo releases and more in the vein of the composerly streak exhibited on 2011’s ‘Get Lost’.
  5. Uncut
    Feb 3, 2014
    McGuire's experiments with more conventional structures and arrangements don't always come off--the chuntering drum machines can makes things feel a little brisk and muzaky--but when he hits the spot, track titles like "In Search Of The Miraculous" don't seem too far-fetched. [Mar 2014, p.78]
  6. Jan 31, 2014
    In many respects, the intent behind Along The Way is admirable indeed. Many plus points, then; even if just some variation wouldn’t have gone amiss. Much like Emeralds’ back catalogue.
  7. Feb 3, 2014
    Along the Way is always pretty, but rarely beautiful.

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