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  • Summary: One half of The Moldy Peaches returns with her latest album of funny children's tunes.
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  1. Positive: 6 out of 13
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  1. It's also the rare work of art that captures the dizzy infatuation that is dedicated infant care. All that's missing is a song about sleep deprivation.
  2. So what distinguishes the tunes on Alphabutt from Dawson's other work? More poop talk!... That said, don't assume Dawson can't get in a grown-up laugh.
  3. Alphabutt is a children's album, 15 songs in 27 minutes that have a breezy, unconditional innocence and more than a little silliness.
  4. Alternative Press
    For the target audience, such education lines as "K is for kid fart/L is for long and loud farts" will leave house apes wondering what the fuck they ever saw in "Wheels On The Bus." [Oct 2008, p.153]
  5. This is what ultimately makes Alphabutt a top-notch kids record: that it was recorded by a woman so in love with her kid and with being a mother that you’d happily let her babysit for your wonderful little creature.
  6. Maybe kids need these adult-perspective, comparatively more serious songs as a break from the goofiness, but I like Alphabutt most when it’s straight-up silly.
  7. Uncut
    A collection of nursery rhymes aimed at toddlers, it should prove nauseating to anyone over the age of three. [Nov 2008, p.92]

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