Alpine Static

  • Record Label: Sub Pop
  • Release Date: Jul 12, 2005

Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 23
  2. Negative: 1 out of 23
  1. Alpine Static unquestionably contains enough rock fireworks to warrant repeated listens.
  2. If you are the sort of person who thinks of cannabis in terms of how much you smoke a day rather than how much you smoke in a month or a year, then you are going to like this album very much indeed.
  3. It highlights their talent for finding the core of invention within repetition, and suggests far greater peaks (and much greener valleys) in their future.
  4. Alpine Static, while inherently visceral, is also emotionally gripping.
  5. New Musical Express (NME)
    Like Sabbath in a washing machine during a power surge. [16 Jul 2005, p.50]
  6. Under The Radar
    If you treat their stuff like background music, it's going to act like it. Turn it up and let it in. [#10, p.111]
  7. Uncut
    This controlled bedlam is just the thing for fans of the similarly explosive, experimental and exploratory sounds of Comets On Fire, Oneida and Black Mountain. [Aug 2005, p.97]
  8. A shot of raw psych rock that's as adventurous as it is accessible.
  9. Alternative Press
    Dizzying psychedelic bong-fodder that requires neither psychedelics nor bongs. [Aug 2005, p.176]
  10. There's no question of Sonic Youth's continued influence on Kinski. But Alpine Static is a progression within the context of the band's own discography, and that's important.
  11. While they haven't completely redrawn themselves, Alpine Static does signify a step forward for Kinski with its unashamed embrace of guitar rock.
  12. Entertainment Weekly
    Their driving, distortion-drenched compositions are all about getting somewhere you never reach. [29 Jul 2005, p.67]
  13. One would think the standard tension/release moments would get tiresome, but most of the album has an energy that makes you forget about anything that might seem redundant.
  14. Each of these tracks will peel your face off and serve as the equivalent of hooking your brain to a nuclear reactor.
  15. Kinski’s boldest statement to date.

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