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  • Summary: The latest album for the Chris Carrabba-led band was produced by Butch Walker and Adam Schlesinger.

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Belle Of The Boulevard
Down in a local bar out on the Boulevard The sound of an old guitar Is saving you from sinking It's a long way down, it's a long way Back like you... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. The emo godfather's sixth album proves he's also gotten better in that span.
  2. The band's sixth studio album, Alter the Ending, is a perfectly blended concoction of acoustic melodies, graceful harmonies and powerful anthems wrapped around the story of a man trying desperately to save a failing relationship.
  3. 70
    Produced by power-pop whiz Butch Walker and Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger, Alter the Ending contains no shortage of high-gloss thrills.
  4. Alternative Press
    Frontman Chris Carrabba then shifts into the "Mature Artist" EP, showcasing critic-approved influences like U2 and the Cure ("Blame It On The Changes"), but goes too far with the acoustic mewl of "Even Now" (which is so personal, it's awkward) and "The Motions," a failed experiment in '80s pop. [Jan 2010, p. 92]
  5. Returning fans may take comfort in these cathartic anthems, but those who were won over by "Poison Trees"--a return-to-form effort that combined melody with more nuanced arrangements--will prefer the deluxe edition's acoustic disc.
  6. Alter The Ending nose-dives into the studio of Butch Walker, the man behind Pink’s "Funhouse" and Weezer’s "Raditude," and he comically overproduces the damn thing.
  7. Alter the Ending will probably satisfy the California rocker demographic that keeps groups like Phantom Planet, Switchfoot, and Yellowcard afloat. But to outsiders, its a transparent affair reeking of bloated budget and generic goals.

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