Another World [EP] - Antony and the Johnsons
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  • Summary: The New York City band releases its latest EP ahead of its full-length album, "The Crying Light."
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  1. The whole of the album is stunning and unique, and if the thematic gender-bending core of the album makes a few people ideologically shy away, then it's truly a shame.
  2. We all know a little something about chasing that ideal version of ourselves, and Antony's persistence in the face of futility makes it a joy to run by his side.
  3. Another World is under 20 minutes long, but it’s more than a placeholder. It’s the portrait of an artist as a changeling, moving above and beyond his former skill-set.
  4. From the tentative piano chords that open the gorgeous title track, the EP never wavers from a tone of frail melancholy, sketching out a handful of dirges in arrangements that are unusually spare by The Johnsons' standards. [Year End 2008, p.88]
  5. 70
    'Shake the Devil' purrs with a Ray Charles-worthy retro R&B beat and the furious nonvegan chorus of 'Shake that Pig!' [Nov 2008, p.88]
  6. It's a typical "kitchen sink" EP, stocked with enough stabs at bawdy blue rave-ups ('Shake That Devil'), oddball narratives ('Hope Mountain'), and plaintive reveries ('Crackagen' and 'Sing for Me') to tide fans over until the headliner arrives.
  7. I wouldn't put it past Another World to grow on me, as Hegarty is one of those vocalists (like Tom Waits and Daniel Johnston) whose work initially strikes you as the weirdest fucking thing you've ever heard but magically becomes something you can't live without a couple of listens later, but rather than being as starkly demure and affecting as "Bird," Another World just seems underwhelming.

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