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  1. OOIOO transforms what could be mush into wonderful, brilliant songs that fold and mutate the ideas they’re based on into moving and coherent narratives.
  2. Bracing brilliance channelling the spirit of Yoko Ono, Le Tigre, Aphex Twin and Alice Coltrane.
  3. Armonico Hewa is indescribable and absolutely incredible. [Fall 2009, p.72]
  4. By repurposing this music with a child’s lack of regard for history, they make it fresh.
  5. Armonico casts the molten steel of meaningless syllables into machine-gun bursts, sonar echoes, radioactive dirges, and girl-group coos of the group's best work.
  6. Linguistic detective work aside, engage with natural scenery through scattered sound, this album does.
  7. The album’s 13 songs are succinct but eventful: clever structures with a world of references, a short attention span and a vandalistic pleasure in stray noise.
  8. Armonico Hewa proves that OOIOO are far from running out of ideas.
  9. 60
    So while it can get a bit too diffuse and self consciously complex, when the quartet breaks into something gorgeous (like the joyous tagliatelle of guitars that wriggles and wrinkles through "Uda Hah") you'll suspend your cynicism. [Jan 2010, p. 124]
  10. Unfortunately, not all of the experimentation works.
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  1. Nov 9, 2011
    The fearless girls of OOIOO led by Yoshimi P-We continue their path on Armonico Hewa, the successor to Taiga. Sadly, the bandâ