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  • Summary: The country singer returns with his latest album produced by Kyle Lehning.

Top Track

Dig Two Graves
I promised to, on the day we wed 'Til death do us part, yeah that was what I said But things have changed, senses I made that vow The love I felt for... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. As if almost effortlessly, Travis proves track after track the difference between bravado and stone-cold brilliance.
  2. His interpretive use of his rich, burnished baritone has never been better, and that remarkable voice is still a force to be reckoned with.
  3. Some songs still leave you wishing to hear what George Jones or John Anderson might have done with them, but a quarter-century down the line, Travis finally seems comfortable inhabiting his human skin.
  4. His steady, patient style seems be one smooth surface but isn’t. There’s depth within this one man’s voice, now as much as ever.
  5. It’s a record on the traditional side of pop-country, with plenty of nuanced conceits but no knockout punch.
  6. As always, that easy touch is Travis' greatest strength, as it gives the best songs authenticity and makes the weaker songs palatable--and as Around the Bend is a fairly strong set of songs, it's easy to enjoy Travis' gentle authority.
  7. Around the Bend is still worth hearing and a welcome return, but what works so brilliantly about it makes its shortcomings all the more disappointing.

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