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  1. Positive: 13 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. One of the freshest, funkiest, tragic and joyous albums in recent times.
  2. It really shouldn't hang together but somehow does, and effortlessly so, without ever seeming gimmicky.
  3. What is certain is "Astronomy For Dogs" is a magic-dusted delight and that Anderson is a wizard and a true star.
  4. 80
    This is a shape-shifting beast, its classic pop sensibilities leavened with occasional samples or stretched into epic, groove-based jams. [Apr 2007, p.96]
  5. The Aliens' album often has the wide-eyed beauty of Brian Wilson or Jonathan Richman. [Apr 2007, p.120]
  6. As with the Beta Band, exploratory self-indulgence is rather the point of the Aliens, but here it's firmly anchored by fantastic songs.
  7. The Aliens' retro-future, interstellar, ex-Beta Band stylings force the listener backward in time and inward in space, resulting in a weird cosmic navel-gazing that is ultimately the reason this album is only slightly more than moderately successful, and cannot be described under any circumstances as “innovative,” “refreshing” or “a step forward.”
  8. As melody-ripe as anything from [Brian] Wilson's brain.
  9. Some of the tracks will endure, but as a whole the album’s timelessness is limited by its own camp posturing. Still, it’s quite a fun ride. [#17, p.82]
  10. 70
    Every one of these 11 songs is a work of wayward genius. [Apr 2007, p.106]
  11. 70
    Seldom do aural hallucinations feel this triumphant--or this real. [Jul 2007, p.92]
  12. It’s a fun mess, and although heavily indebted to 60s psyche folk and acid rock, Astronomy For Dogs has a verve and colour that saves it from derivative pastiche.
  13. Astronomy sometimes sounds like a British invasion LP given the remaster and remix treatment: dance-ready, fit for a plush couch and extra-plush headspace, and oddly misfiled in time.
  14. If nothing else, Astronomy For Dogs should be heralded as a step in the right direction after six long years of wandering.
  15. Though occasional glimpses of that trademark Beta Band brilliance appear, Astronomy For Dogs fails to act as much more than a reminder to listen to Anderson and company’s former glories.
  16. Good as it is to have these dudes back, their reunion sounds disappointingly anticlimactic.
  17. Disappointing, frustrating and exhausting, 'Astronomy For Dogs' finds a band trying too hard to cram too much into one sitting.
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  1. May 25, 2013
    This album doesn't have anything special, easy songs, easy music, easy vocals. They are just a band like thousands in the world. Someone can explain to me how this album could be ranked with a 10?? Full Review »
  2. May 23, 2013
    Sick album. So much melody, so much heart. Every track is unique and builds and builds to a crescendo. A very uplifting album actually. One of my favourites. Beautiful vocal harmonies too. A real passion for music being displayed here. Full Review »
  3. M.GM.G
    Mar 18, 2008
    If you can, next time you see your mum, hug her for giving birth to you. Make sure you have heard this record first and you won't be able to stop yourself. Still I dream of it Of that happy day When I can say I've fallen in love And it haunts me so Like a dream that's Somehow linked to all the stars above Full Review »