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  1. Continues in the GusGus tradition of decent, thinking-man's dance music.
  2. The most potent and cohesive album of its career.
  3. Occasionally, the album's spare, simple approach feels chilly and monotonous, but when it all comes together, as on the percolating, insistent "Your Moves Are Mine,"Attention reveals itself as a stylish, strangely romantic collection of club music.
  4. Attention is a bubbly, pleasurable confection of an album, with beats enough to move your ass and plenty of hooks to keep your, um, attention.
  5. 70
    Sleek and motorized, gusgus has paid close Attention to detail in etching a metallic mural of current interests.
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  1. chrisc
    Dec 27, 2002
    nice retro sounds earth has a beautiful voice love the photo of the highway in the fog