Balm In Gilead

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  • Summary: The latest album for the singer-songwriter features Allison Krauss, Ben Harper, Bill Frisell, Jon Brion, and Vic Chesnutt as guest artists.

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The Moon Is Made Of Gold
#56 The Moon Is Made Of Gold moon14day-1985-600c Rickie Lee Jones (1990) Double Bass: Rob Wasserman (song collected in Rob Wasserman's album... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. This beautiful disc needs only her sweet muted-trumpet voice and optimistic viewpoint to sail gracefully through its 10 songs.
  2. The 10 songs course through the highs and lows with equanimity, from the pride and hope in Charlotte she expresses to the kindheartedness she displays for those acquaintances who've moved on.
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    This is not one to be missed, kissed with the promise that beauty and depth in songs still matters. [Holiday 2009, p.102]
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    30 years on from "Chuck E.", it's a stunning testament to the vitality of her vagabond muse.
  5. Like its namesake, this music has healing properties: the beauty of its melodies and the wisdom of its words soothe the soul and remind us what a peculiar treasure Jones is, a fact too easily forgotten in the rush of passing fashions and the wake of the artist’s own pocked path.
  6. The largely self-produced Balm in Gilead plies a folksy yet soulful jazz-country sound that showcases both her inimitable voice--with its playful meter and peculiar grain--and her studio prowess.
  7. The most familiar stuff here is ultimately the least successful.

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