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  1. Positive: 5 out of 13
  2. Negative: 2 out of 13
  1. If the original Bat Out Of Hell was Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run as scored by Richard Wagner, this is even more theatrical. [Nov 2006, p.140]
  2. The whole thing is, of course, ridiculous. But Meat's beat manifesto should be treasured as the last chapter of a remarkable rock trilogy.
  3. This is a musical just waiting to be staged.
  4. Amid all the pomp and circumstance, Loaf delivers an album fans are going to love. [4 Nov 2006]
  5. There are moments on Bat Out of Hell III to convince even die-hard minimalists that behemoth is better.
  6. More a pop orchestral mishmash than a well-defined rock opus, Bat III is dark, seemingly hopeless at times, and ├╝ber dramatic. Oddly enough, that's also its saving grace.
  7. 40
    [It] lacks conceptual cohesion. [Nov 2006, p.112]
  8. 40
    Producer Desmond Child trips up the Meatman by valuing metal flash over the altruism of want-you-need-you humanity.
  9. That he fails is not the fault of his individual performance; it's the fault of botched execution.
  10. For the most part, the old magical feeling sure ain't coming back. [2 Nov 2006, p.78]
  11. 40
    Meat's voice is there, the cover art rules, but something vital is missing. [Nov 2006, p.102]
  12. The Diane Warren and Desmond Child faux-Steinman stuff is far worse, but the inescapable message of Bat III is that even Meat's former partner hasn't been at peak strength for at least a decade.
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  1. BrutusO
    Jan 30, 2007
    I was never much of a fan of Bat Out Of Hell 1, though I have a mild affection for the second one. So it was quite a surprise to me when I liked the third one so much. Sure, it is mostly stupid adolescent melodrama. They all are. But isn't that why people liked it in the first place? And buried in amongst all the operatic over-the-top atmospherics, there are actually some pretty lovely songs if you care to listen. And the rock is timelessly heavy (admittedly out of date, but then, it always was). Basically, if I dared to put my "cool" persona aside for ten minutes, I would have to admit I actually enjoyed this album more than the latest Wolfmother, Killers, Gorillaz, Jet and Oasis albums put together. A guilty pleasure. Full Review »
  2. KelleyE
    Jan 16, 2007
    This CD is a mess. Jim Stienman insists on recycling songs once again. This is the third time "It's all coming back" has been recorded and "Bad for Good" has been recorded at least that many times and parts of it more than that. The compositions sound like someone gave a a freshman music major an orchestra to play with and they got carried away. Meat Loaf's voice is starting to fail and he can no longer hit the high notes. Lowering the key only makes it sound like Tom Jones singing Stienman. Save your money. Full Review »
  3. DebbieW
    Jan 8, 2007
    I love it!! His voice & passion are still incredible & fabulous! The orchestration also blows me away & gives me chills!!! I also love watching him in person - what can I say - it's been on my cd player since Oct. 31st!! Already have my NY tickets!!! Full Review »