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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 15
  2. Negative: 0 out of 15
  1. On the lyrical side of things, 50 seems to have his edge back. Whether he's orchestrating a robbery or bucking (pun intended) shots at his foes, it seems apparent that the criticisms got to him. For the hard core fans, the softer songs are skippable, but I can't hold that against him too much.
  2. Call it voyeur. Call it artificial. Call it exploitative. Just don’t call it boring. It’s the first 50 Cent album in some time that can boast that.
  3. Before I Self Destruct is still a fantastic juggernaut of a 50 album if you exit early, and a very good one even if you don't.
  4. With surprisingly little filler, renewed energy, and the unique glimpse Before I Self Destruct offers into the psyche of a public figure as intriguing as Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent has crafted easily his best album since "Get Rich or Die Trying."
  5. Growling violent threats over hard beats, 50 sounds the hungriest he has in years. Of course, there’s nothing remotely original about the formula he’s returning to, but at least he’s going through the motions with gusto.
  6. If Destruct qualifies as a pleasant surprise, it’s only because 50 Cent’s last few releases set the bar so low. Still, for the first time since The Massacre, it’s once again intermittently fun to root for the bad guy
  7. After initially promising a return to form, 50 doesn't have the ability or initiative to hold the listener's interest over the long run.
  8. On Fiddy's fourth album, the muscle-bound-warrior routine is the only one he trusts, so he keeps milking it.
  9. Before I Self Destruct plays as a prudent step back. It's not that 50 has suddenly become terrifying, but the album possesses a sense of latent menace that's been left unexplored since his early mixtapes.
  10. He clearly yearns to evoke the mixture of fun and grit that made "Get Rich or Die Tryin’" such a remarkable effort, but he’s misguided in his approach.
  11. 50
    Before I Self Destruct starts with 50 Cent literally growling, and it ends, on 'Could've Been You,' with Kelly crooning about sniffing his own excrement. Both sound equally laughable.
  12. Taken as a whole this album has a pleasingly morbid tone, in keeping with the best moments from 50 Cent’s first two albums. But context is this album’s undoing.
  13. 50 really needed to make an essential record to regain relevancy. Being merely good at this point isn’t enough.
  14. His rhyme battle with Eminem on 'Psycho' has zero redeeming value, but the two old pros fire away with glee trying to out-psychopath each other. But about halfway through the album, 50 Cent detours from the street to the bedroom.
  15. Before I Self Destruct needs as many bells and whistles as it can muster, because the music isn't going to cut it on its own.
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  1. GarzaBlood
    Nov 24, 2009
    The Album is sick!! The sound quality is state of the art and the Instrumentals are banging. I also like the Idea that he disses Jay Z. Overall Great Album!! Yes I am from the West Coast!! Diego City that is. Full Review »
  2. Jan 2, 2014
    Its a shame the album only sold how much it did because this album is lyrically one of 50 cents best albums Best songs are The Invitation, death to my enemies, stretch and Pyscho.. Worst are get it hot gangsta delight Full Review »
  3. ValeriyS
    Dec 6, 2009
    I do think that it is the best thing he did except brilliant Massacre, and among the best rap albums of this year.