Before the Frost... - The Black Crowes

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  1. No longer young upstarts, they wear their years proudly on this terrific album, sounding like the veteran roadhounds they've always aspired to be.
  2. Frost captures the best aspects of one of rock’s finest eras: a balance of structured songwriting and loose grooves, catchy choruses and meandering solos, hard rocking songs and easy-going attitude.
  3. 80
    Two fine records without a duff track between them. [Oct 2009, p.98]
  4. As steeped in traditions as the Crowes have always been, drawing heavily from the heydays of classic rock and Americana history, the band has, after 20 years of sweaty integrity, added to the lexicon rather than simply borrowed from it.
  5. It took the Black Crowes seven years to release last year's "Warpaint," but now that the Robinson brothers are back in the studio album business, they're making up for lost time.
  6. You get a little sick of hearing the crowd between songs (we get it, there's an audience!), but in many ways this is the album the Crowes have been meaning to record for years.
  7. Frost is prime Crowes, a set of songs about dudes who are buzzed, crooked, and haunted, all delivered with bluesy swagger and infused with psychedelic spirit.... The Crowes delve into hippie square-dance jams and bluegrass gospel tunes with an earnest zeal, though style trumps substance on most of the tracks.
  8. These guys still come up with meaty riffs for fans of guitar-driven rock, but also leave themselves plenty of room to stretch out in jam-band excursions.
  9. 60
    For the Black Crowes, this is an inspired move, maximising their virtues (virtuosity, passion, guilelessness) and minimising their principal flaw (the fact that it all starts to feel a bit silly if you stop to think about it).
  10. Before The Frost... is as comfortingly familiar as one of Chris Robinson's kaftans. [Oct 2009, p.108]
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  1. MikeH
    Sep 18, 2009
    This is one of the best albums I have ever heard. The Crowes have really hit on a great line-up finally and the songwriting is nothing short of spectacular. At first I wasnt sure if I was going to "feel" the more laid back approach the Black Crowes have taken the last few albums, but after listening with a open mind I am very glad I did. This seems to be the most fluent and inspired release of the Crowes long, wonderful career. Full Review »
  2. GerryO.
    Sep 8, 2009
    Very good album (except track 5).
  3. MarkS
    Sep 7, 2009
    "After nearly 20 years, the Crowes' 8th studio record hits us and gives us a refreshing smile. This delightfully adds to their outstanding material and does not disappoint in the least. That bluesy southern rock sound is as impressive as ever and is even expanded upon with country and folk-like themes. It comes as an 11 song disk, and 9 additional free tracks are downloaded off their website. The funny thing is that the later 9 are just as good as the others! There is a handful of songs that you can't stop putting on repeat. Full of rich melodies, the music is truly outstanding and is performed brilliantly - a crowning achievement." Full Review »