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  1. Athlete's third effort Beyond The Neighbourhood goes some way to restoring their initial well-deserved kudos.
  2. 66
    Beyond the Neighborhood is somewhere in between, melding studio tweakery with the kind of sweeping melodies that never seem to go out of fashion.
  3. The self-produced Beyond The Neighbourhood balances its meat and veg indie with enough electronic textures and hip hop beats to (sort of) catch the ear.
  4. The album is mostly about emotion and expressing emotion, and finding the right driving piano hooks and reverbing guitar chords to enhance such feelings. All of which means that Beyond the Neighbourhood is not particularly extraordinary.
  5. Beyond The Neighbourhood isn't Athlete's triumph, but with far more rock moments, spacey sounds and well-placed hooks, as on the driving anthem Hurricane and the dreamy Airport Disco, they've redeemed themselves a little.
  6. There aren't too many instances of musical weakness on the record, though a few tracks are mediocre in comparison with the album's most winning moments.
  7. It sounds like the work of a band who are simply trying to get their feelings off their chest, rather than one trying to sell records.
  8. As talented as these guys are, they still can't write a song that stays with you. [Fall 2007, p.78]
  9. Again Athlete have purported a musical equivalent to a blank stare. It is there, it may intend to disperse meaning, but in the end it does nothing much, if anything at all. Blah, indeed.
  10. 40
    Their third album is sprinkled with sensitive instrumental textures and plaintive tinkling noises, but their music remains utterly devoid of personality, not least because of Joel Potts' vapid vocals, while not even the best efforts of Gil Grissom and his eager CSIs could unearth a sniff of a decent tune. [Oct 2007, p.83]
  11. The result is a too quiet, curiously unfinished-sounding album with barely a moment to remember, let alone cherish. [Oct 2007, p.96]
  12. As you listen to Beyond the Neighbourhood, you find yourself spending an awful lot of time asking yourself whether you're feeling anything yet.
  13. Beyond the Neighbourhood is the sonic equivalent of a beautiful coffin.
  14. Mired in the generic neo-new-wave and self-consciously emotive yawn of contemporary fashion indie rock, Athlete's unimaginative music matches up nicely with the shallow lyrics.
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  1. Jul 1, 2013
    I love this band. I put the album "I Love You" and the EP "I'm Sorry" on repeat, the day I downloaded the tracks. It made for a very chillax afternoon. I love the fusion of musical styles. They remind me of California. I'm feelin' every track like I did when I first heard Sublime, not to compare the bands, only the feeling I get when I listen to them. I like it, I like it a lot. I way the guitar sings is so sexy and moody, and the lead singers voice is sexy and moody as well. All I can tell you is play their music, have a drink, soak up some sun and kick back with some friends. This band feels good to me even though their kind of dark. But then again so am I. Full Review »