Beyond - Dinosaur Jr.

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  1. Positive: 30 out of 31
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  1. Beyond isn't merely a worthy album from a reunited band, it's simply a great record by any standard.
  2. That the music of Beyond rocks so righteously in a way that sounds like a conscious progression from where they left off with Bug, rather than a misguided attempt to recreate the past, makes this unlikely recording comeback all the more incredible.
  3. As usual, Mascis' guitar--a stirring strength, charming and expressive, a poignant power, is the star of this show--and as a whole unit, they haven’t sounded this good in about sixteen years.
  4. Beyond, the band's first record as the selfsame trio since 1988's Bug, benefits enormously-- more so even than fellow MA-veterans Mission of Burma or latter-day Sonic Youth-- from the years, experiences, successes, and disappointments elapsed between then and now.
  5. 84
    Their most triumphant mix of fuzzed-out fury, face-melting fretwork and merry-but-messy melodies.
  6. Though too long at 50 minutes, Beyond is an often thrilling reminder of this essential band's heyday.
  7. Despite Beyond’s tendency to feel like a career retrospective in spots, it contains plenty of songs that rival Mascis’s best work.
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  1. DonJ
    May 6, 2007
    This is the album that Dinosaur Jr fans have been waiting for. It's the closest thing to bliss on a piece of plastic as you're going to get. J is the best guitar player you will ever hear in Indie Rock. Lou's bass playing has only improved in the 19 years since Bug's recording. The second song made me wonder if the album could ever reach the legendary strides of You're Living All Over Me. Then the third song started (Pick Me Up), and I was lost in a time when I had lived for bands like D.J., Sonic Youth, Pavement, to name a few. I was in heaven. By the time that the guitar solo ends at the end of the song, you find yourself asking: "Why woould I ever listen to anything else?" I am biased, since Dinosaur Jr has been my favorite band since I was 16 (I am now 32). I've always liked YLAOM the best of all their albums. (although Bug, Gren Mind, and Where You Been are worthy of mention). THis album may surpass even YLAOM though. It's balanced, and the sense of cohesion between the members (even Murph) is amazing. It's energetic despite J's typical slacker style of whining the words out (which I have always liked). This is definitely the best album I bouth this year, and may be the best thing in 16 years that I've bought. Yes More Light was a good rock album by J, but this trumps it in every manner. If you like guitar focused, post-punk with a folk influence thrown in for good measure - PICK THIS UP IMMEDIATELY!!! Full Review »
  2. Liam
    Nov 22, 2008
    Great, this is probably my favorite Dino jr. record and the only one that stands up to You're Living All Over Me.
  3. RachaelG.
    Nov 9, 2007
    Amazing ! I picked up this cd from the library and fell in love, my dad actually saw them in concert ( jealous ) of course I hope they come to Ohio, I saw on their page they have some shows coming up ! I first heard about them from another band. Full Review »