Black Sea

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  • Summary: This is the fourth studio album for the electronic artist from Austria.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 12
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  1. Suffice to say that with all its slowly blooming beauty, alluring aberrations, and deftly measured brute force, the closest analogue to what Fennesz has done on Black Sea seems to be nature itself.
  2. Black Sea is positively huge while also being much more accessible. You get a sense here of how far Fennesz has come, how far his music reaches, and the unexplored possibilities that still exist.
  3. Over the course of the album's 52 minutes, the eight tracks reveal a brilliance in construction.
  4. Vaguely melodious, embedded with overtones, sometimes placid and sometimes stormy, Black Sea is like a wave in that its diverse parts meld together to form a powerful, all-encompassing entity.
  5. As it stands, Black Sea is a solid, if not entirely groundbreaking.
  6. The first is a human trait that seems necessary to enjoy ambient music at all, but which may have been compromised by Fennesz’s more pop proclivities: patience. Spend some quality time with Black Sea, and it begins to open up.
  7. Q Magazine
    There's a mesmeric quality to the layering of divergent sonic textures. [Mar 2009, p.98]

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  1. Dec 11, 2014
    In the deep black of the ocean lads, no one can see you scream. Look im just going to curse here, because im just after watching a **** manlyIn the deep black of the ocean lads, no one can see you scream. Look im just going to curse here, because im just after watching a **** manly film alright, so i can do as i please lads.

    Darkness, walls of water and a growing sense of unease between the captain and his men. I seriously dont know which was more terrifying, the knowledge that at any minute the ancient hunk of metal could collapse in on itself or the possibility that one of your shipmates will bash you over the head with a spanner. It had darkness and grit, and it followed, often in a rather nonchalent fashion, into terrifically haunting underwater scenes that perform excellently at showing off the strange underwater garden at the base of the Black Sea, birthplace of many long forgotten shipwrecks, and their cannabalistic crews.

    Needless to say Jude Law does a fantastic Job portraying a life weary submarine engineer, and his interactions with the crew are unprecedented. Although it seems that the crew were only there as fodder to be killed off, some of them are developed quite well, with genuinely funny interactions.

    This is a great film, loved it. I dont normally use the edge of your seat phrase, but this really was, I genuinely felt something for the characters, even the ones that had not been developed as well. Their motivations were in line with the danger of the task. Overall this was my best thriller flick of the year.

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