Blown Away - Carrie Underwood
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  1. Jan 6, 2014
    Firstly, I must say to the person who rated a 0 claiming that she jokes about Tay and should "die with a stick in her mouth", let me ask, what the hell does that have to do with her album?

    For the actual review, I must say whilst this album has a few imperfections, overall it is a very good album. Whilst some songs are a little bland for me (See You Again, for example however I will
    say it does have a nice message and I always tear up watching the video) and a few songs a kinda over-produced, this is by far her most creative project and the risks payed off. And, as always, her voice is amazing and powerful.

    Stand-out tracks: Do You Think About Me, Blown Away, Two Black Cadillacs, Wine After Whiskey (to be fair, everything on the album is worth a listen, but these tracks are those that stand out to me. Of course, we all have different tastes)
  2. Nov 11, 2013
    Carrie always knows how to win over the hearts of country fans without even having to try. This album is definitely one of those. She gives a very dark and edgy twist to this album, in which she stated the record would be dark and twisted. There are a few light-hearted songs, which mean all the more wonderful!
  3. Aug 30, 2013
    With Underwood soaring her vocals to heights not recorded on her own studio albums before, Blown Away is a masterpiece in achieving the best vocal capabilities of any Idol alumni (even outshining Kelly Clarkson.) With a mix of fun summer-sound jams like Good Girl and One Way Ticket, to the dark and brooding Two Black Cadillacs and Blown Away, Underwood's vocals command the lyrics and blow away the production. With expertise quality in delivering an album that flows naturally from desolate and dark, to cheery, and hopeful Underwood and her team have delivered an album solid for the genre of Country. While perhaps best favoring the album's closing ballad in Who Are You, mid-album track, Thank God For Hometowns, and single See You Again, Underwood rivals even the majesty of her previous release (Play On). Expand
  4. Dec 16, 2012
    This album is a masterpiece. Differently from "Play On", "Blown Away" tracks are very different from each other, and she goes really country, she goes a little mellow, she goes a little pop, she goes a little rock, she is a multi-colored palette, and even though she show many different colours, they all work together, and nothing seems out of place in here. Carrie has proved once again why she is so successful, and this time, she's done it with real quality. Expand
  5. Nov 4, 2012
    Muitos podem pensar que a Taylor Swift foi a artista que abriu as portas para uma nova geração de cantores country fazendo uma nova fase no estilo que estava um pouco esquecido do mainstream. Erro comum. Na verdade, a cabeça disso tudo é a Carrie Underwood. Ajudada pela platarforma que foi ter vencido o American Idol, Carrie retomou um velho arquétipo que estava fazendo falta ao country: a diva. Cercada por um grupo de produtores competentes e dona de um talento gigantesco ela se tornou um imenso sucesso logo no primeiro álbum Some Hearts em 2005 quando vendeu mais de 7 milhões de cópias e rendeu 3 Grammy's, inclusive de Artista Revelação. Com mais dois álbuns lançados, 14 milhões de cópias vendidas e 5 Grammy's na prateleira, Carrie se tornou a maior vencedora do AI de todos os tempos batendo a "original" Kelly Clarkson. Passado sete anos, ela se prepara para lançar seu quarto álbum e mostra mais uma vez o motivo por ser a verdadeira "princesa" do country.

    Blown Away é sem dúvida nenhuma o seu melhor trabalho. Um trabalho maduro do começo ao fim mostrando um lado mais dark de Carrie. A evolução sonora dela é visível: um som mais rock com algo de pop, mas sempre ressaltando o country. O grande mérito do álbum é a coesão sonora que ele produz. Não há momentos fracos ou médios. Todas as músicas estão muito acima da média. Cada uma é um trabalho cuidadoso e competente costurando as amarras para criar um trabalho poderoso e memorável. A produção instrumental é perfeita dando para cada faixa personalidade. Enquanto isso, Carrie mostra o motivo de ser a melhor voz da sua geração. Mais que apenas uma cantora, ela é uma interprete. Seu trabalho vocal é precioso e vai de power baladas até uptempo com a mesma qualidade e essência. Outro motivo de elogios são as composições. Apesar de certos momentos pecarem um pouco devido a falta de mais "substância", no geral são letras fortes e bem escritas. Quem é fã deve achar o tom mais sombrio, pessimista e até triste na maioria das músicas, principalmente em comparação aos outros trabalhos de Carrie. Contudo, isso mostra uma busca mais aprofundada por expor os sentimentos e uma personalidade mais adequada com o momento de crescimento de Carrie. é difícil falar em pontos altos com um álbum tão bom, mas posso ressaltar quanto que valem a pena ouvirem com mais cuidado: o single Good Girl, a poderosa Blown Away, a triste Forever Changed e a divertida Cupid's Got a Shotgun. E para quem duvidava, Carrie é a melhor cantora country da sua geração. Taylor é apenas uma "seguidora".
  6. Sep 16, 2012
    Just bought this album and was disappointed. I think she took 2 steps back from her previous works. I bought it because I liked her first single, Good Girl, but the rest of the songs just did not do anything at all for me. Just very bland and she doesn't seem to have evolved at all. Oh well, maybe next CD.
  7. Aug 6, 2012
    Sorry, Carrie Underwood trying to have a dark side? Laughable. And trying to cross over into Pop? Gotta say, just a little too much twang in there to be believable. She has a nice voice, sort of like a Barbara Mandrell, but not as entertaining - very bland.
  8. Jun 27, 2012
    This album is a great country album. Carrie never disappoints when is comes to delivering good country music. She is really one of the few female country artists who makes the country world interesting.
  9. May 14, 2012
    This album is full of music seems to be one of the few places left that the album format is still surviving. And here it lives up to the old standards. Great songs to sing along with, powerful use of her amazing voice.
  10. May 14, 2012
    This album is a good country album. Tracks like Good Girl , Two Black Cadillacs, Leave Love Alone were my favourite . This album is not as advertised by Good Girl, but it was something else better.
  11. May 5, 2012
    Even though I wish there would be more "dark" materials on the album like she promised, as a stand-alone album, Blown Away is an astounding collection of fun, sweet, dramatic, sad and thoughtful songs. Unlike the previous albums, Carrie takes you on a ride to different places; every song feels important and thoughtfully planned out. Recommended tracks: Wine After Whiskey, Good in Goodbye, Good Girl, Two Black Cadillacs, Thank God for Hometown, One Way Ticket, Cupid's Got a Shotgun. Expand
  12. May 3, 2012
    This is Carrie's 4th album. If we look back at history, most singers really give their most artistically creative and personal albums at this point. Britney Spears gave us In The Zone which saw her really getting down and dirty and completely shedding her good girl image. Same can be said about Rihanna's Rated R. Beyoncé's 4 was an incredible adventure into her beautiful loving soul and took us back to the golden days of R&B. Miranda Lambert's Four The Record swept award season because she was finally able to shed her "woman scorned" image and show that she was still a loving lady. Now I'm sitting here writing a review for one of the industries strongest vocals, beaming in exciting because I can say the same thing for her. Carrie Underwood's Blown Away album is her most brooding and chilling in some places, while in others she is as goofy and country as ever. I guess she really took note of critics mixed reviews for Play On because she didn't hold back a damn thing. Here are some highlights.

    Per usual the album starts with the lead single "Good Girl" which was her official "I'm back, bitches" statement to the country charts, which she has slowly been cracking, showing longevity while others make short stints at the top spots. Think "Cowboy Casanova" being retold to some poor foolishly in love little girl who's about to run of with the absolute worst guy she could end up with. If Carrie Underwood was belting at me like that, I definitely wouldn't go with him. By the end of the song, Carrie's already got you in a dark mood, thinking about some man that pissed you off. The next two songs really took me by surprise. "Blown Away" is easily the greatest story in her discography. It tells the tale of a **** father who meets his maker at the mercy of mother nature, in a vengeful feat by his daughter. Lyrically, the song is a metaphorical powerhouse, "There's not enough rain in Oklahoma to wash the sins out of this house." Whatever went down in that house, she is ready to let it go, including the man who caused it all. If I don't convince you to buy this album by the end of this review, do yourself a favor and buy this track on iTunes.

    Underwood stays in Lifetime movie mode with "Two Black Cadillacs" which is another tear-jerking tale, this time about a wife and a mistress who finally meet at the funeral of their mischievous man-whore. Yes, interesting story, but Underwood's delivery in this song makes it all the more chilling. "Forever Changed" is this album's "Temporary Home" or "Just A Dream" and most classically country. The story is really just unnecessarily sad. Having dealt with family or friends that suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's may make this song touchy for some, but every will feel the emotional outpouring from Underwood's subdued deliver.

    "One Way Ticket" is pretty much Underwood's own little "Margaritaville." Fun country tune fused with a tropical beat that sounds like a fun time on the beach with a Corona.

    I'm hoping "Leave Love Alone" becomes a single. It's the album's most catchy and fun song. I almost, and I hate saying this, chop it up to Sugarland. The tune is just incredible addictive.

    Brad Paisley joins the mix on "Cupid's Got A Shotgun" which follows the previous track in being extremely fun and radio ready. I'd love a video for this song more than any other.

    Overall, Blown Away just really blows Play On out of the water. Carrie takes everything that's worked well for in the past, critically, and kicks it up a notch. This is only the second album released this year that I feel is worthy of a "Album of the Year" Grammy nomination. (The other honor goes to Lana Del Rey for the cohesive Born to Die LP)

    Rating this album isn't hard at all. 3 listens in and I'm actually going to upgrade it one point that I'd originally prepared and give Carrie a 9 out of 10.

    Buy this album! Buy this album! Buy this album!
  13. May 2, 2012
    Blown Away is an amazing album. Carrie proves that she's a good writer. The lyrics of Good in Goodbye, Wine After Whiskey and Two Black Cadillacs are witty, sharp and relatable. Leave Love Alone, Good Girl and Cupid's Got A Shotgun are sassy, energetic and the vocal performance is just amazing. Songs like See You Again and Blown Away are ridiculously catchy while Do You Think About Me is so sweet
  14. May 2, 2012
    "Blown Away" is yet another great album released by American Idol winner, Country superstar Carrie Underwood!

    It's her most artistic effort so far, and the highlights go to the dramatic songs "Blown Away" and "Two Black Cadillac". Nevertheless, being as Country as she is, considering she's a proud Opry member, she also included some really Country tunes really she had never did before.
    These include the cute and interesting "Cupid's Got A Shotgun" which actually features Entertainer of the Year, Brad Paisley on electric guitar. And also "One Way Ticket", which has very heavy influences from the likes of Kenny Chesney. Expand
  15. May 2, 2012
    The true mark of an extraordinary album is that when the listener experiences it from start to finish, he or she is taken on a journey through positive and negative stories and can feel the emotional connection behind each track. This is what Carrie Underwood accomplishes on 'Blown Away' - her latest, and greatest studio effort made possible by her collaboration with producer Mark Bright. While Underwood's three previous albums are all excellent in their own way, 'Blown Away' fully encompasses what the country superstar has been able to do in the short seven years since we were introduced to her.

    In true Underwood fashion, 'Blown Away' starts off with a bang on "Good Girl," but instead of drawing from her past experiences (a la "Before He Cheats" or "Last Name"), she is positioned as a mentor giving advice to a girl who Underwood clearly identifies with. Interestingly enough, there are hardly any songs that sound similar to each other on 'Blown Away,' and so the album's other upbeat tracks do not follow suit, particularly the maniacally fun "Cupid's Got a Shotgun." Instead, Underwood opts for a handful of mid-tempos and power ballads, alternating between traditional country and modern country themes.

    One aspect that 'Blown Away' has going for it is that a good number of its tracks are more serious, and as seen in their lyrics, cover somewhat darker topics than Underwood is used to. This is the case particularly on the title track ("There's not enough rain in Oklahoma to wash the sins out of that house / There's not enough wind in Oklahoma to rip the nails out of the past") and "Two Black Cadillacs," which explores a funeral setting where a dead man's wife and lover both arrive in two black Cadillacs after plotting his death ("But the women in the two black veils didn't bother to cry").

    Still, there are some lighthearted tracks that provide balance, especially the sweet, sing-songy "Do You Think About Me," the earthy, gritty "Love Leave Alone" and the Jimmy Buffet-esque "One Way Ticket," which is an absolute must-be-released single. But the album's most overlooked track is probably "See You Again," a rousing piece that was intended for the 'Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' soundtrack. While it is the most pop-friendly song on the album, Underwood's precious vocals fit the positive message and catchy chorus perfectly, and it does not sound out of place amidst the more country fare. The other more somber, serious offerings on 'Blown Away' - "Good in Goodbye," "Forever Changed" and "Wine After Whiskey" - are all beautiful in their own right, with "Changed" being the most touching due to the subject matter, and "Whiskey" being the most radio-friendly of the bunch.

    While none of the tracks on 'Blown Away' are bad, there are a few that are more generic than the others, such as the na na na-filled "Nobody Ever Told You" and the nice but slightly "been there, done that" "Thank God for Hometowns."

    Finally, Underwood closes the album with the Mutt Lange-penned "Who Are You," a powerfully belted ode to her faith, which is an excellent way to tie up any loose ends from earlier tracks.

    There are few artists out there that can be placed on the same pedestal as Carrie Underwood at the moment, and with the quiet confidence and humility displayed on 'Blown Away,' she continues to remind people of how despite al the success she's had, she's still the same personable girl from Checotah, Oklahoma.
  16. May 2, 2012
    This is her best album to date. I wouldn't skip any single track. It shows her versatility as a singer and growth as a songwriter. Standout tracks: Blown Away, Good In Goodbye, Wine After Whiskey, Two Black Cadillacs, and See You Again.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 12 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 12
  2. Negative: 0 out of 12
  1. Aug 30, 2012
    Everything else [besides "Good in Goodbye" and "One Way Ticket"] is worth hearing, learning, and trying to love.
  2. Jun 14, 2012
    However predictable the package, there's fun to be had in these tales of bad dads, cheating husbands and cold, cold hearts, and Underwood delivers them with sweet purposefulness.
  3. May 10, 2012
    This is easily Carrie's most well-rounded and confident work to date.