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  • Summary: The rock quintet moves to Atlantic Records for its third album, which was produced by David Bottrill.

Top Track

I Felt Free
Nothing new to say Nothing to report cause the future happened yesterday If I could tell the truth I could make you stay but forever seems so far... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. There's certainly enough passion in Blue Sky Noise to show the masses where rock and roll and great songwriting can meet in a traditional compromise that everyone can enjoy.
  2. The entirety of Blue Sky Noise blows away anything else that Circa Survive have ever done. It is immense, it is challenging, and it will make fools out of those who doubt it.
  3. Listening to the album when fully engaged with the story of its creation is both exhausting and exhilarating. A heartbreaking work of staggering genius? Very possibly.
  4. Alternative Press
    It harnesses Circa's best qualities and adds a sense of direction previous releases somewhat lacked. [May 2010, p.105]
  5. Kerrang!
    It may have taken five years and three albums, but Circa Survive are finally living up to their potential, and Blue Sky Noise might just signal the start of something really interesting. [24 Jul 2010, p.51]
  6. 70
    Troubled frontman Anthony Green and his mates have embraced glossier production while reconnecting with At the Drive-In's teeming passion.
  7. Blue Sky Noise, with all of its spit-shine and modern rock luster, may not move mountains outside of its own pained and heavily marketed demographic, but as long as superhero movie franchises remain profitable, bands like Circa Survive will be there to play over the credits.
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  1. Aug 14, 2010
    It's always been rare to find a band that has a lyricist with as much as depth as Green and and band so dedicated to making those words comeIt's always been rare to find a band that has a lyricist with as much as depth as Green and and band so dedicated to making those words come to light. I'm not sure which come first, lyrics or music but it's absolutely fantastic to hear it all come to together in what is a fantastic album. Not one track on this album is a dud or is so experimental that the listener will have the urge to push forward. As a post grunge era, Jim Morrison fan stuck in a world of pop music, this album is an absolute gem. Expand