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  1. On Body Talk Pt. 2, this eight-track follow-up to June's Body Talk Pt. 1, the Swedish electro-pop pixie uses sleek club music to endearingly explore more unpolished emotions.
  2. Robyn bounds back onto the dance floor on Pt. 2 with seven breathless, synth-driven gems.
  3. A brief, brilliant record that leaves you panting, Body Talk, Part 2 is the latest evidence that Robyn is probably the best, most versatile pop star currently at work.
  4. Oct 27, 2010
    What Robyn has proved over the years is that you don't have to sound mainstream to appeal to the mainstream.
  5. With not a single duffer over another eight tracks, it looks like our eventual Best Of Body Talk compilation might just be the album of the year.
  6. Lady Gaga apart, the most interesting stars in 2010 are women in their 30s and beyond, artists with phosphorescent personalities that might burn the fingers of anyone wishing to mould them. Singers like Alison Goldfrapp, Grace Jones and Robyn Miriam Carlsson.
  7. Minor quibbles and missteps aside, Body Talk Pt. 2 is a perfectly solid-- and occasionally awesome-- record.
  8. Two thirds of the way through the Body Talk project, it's clear that this experiment is reaping rich rewards for Robyn and her listeners.
  9. Swedish popstrel on fine form, midway through her trilogy. [Nov. 2010, p. 114]
  10. Body Talk Pt 2 is the all-action follow-up: faster, harder, clubbier. There are no tongue-in-cheek dancehall try-outs here, no Swedish folk songs, nothing as quirky as Fembot. This is the Body Talk for people who like their Robyn upbeat, fierce and dancefloor-ready.
  11. On the first three tracks, she tackles enduring pop-music themes like love, loneliness and friendship with the kind of unsentimental yet empathetic songwriting fans of the Pet Shop Boys might admire. Midway, her worldly confidence morphs into outright cockiness and the beats grow aggressive.
  12. Danceable, downtrodden songs buoyed by a hint of self-willed confidence are Robyn's specialty
  13. Somehow the mistakes she made before-experiments with Swedish folk tunes, reggae-pop, and fringe-aesthetic miscellanea, having achieved varying degrees of success with each attempt-have become character-building idiosyncrasies she now seems borderline faceless without.
  14. Show Robyn some love - she deserves better than one-hit-wonder tag she's been saddled with, and she's finally getting it.
  15. Robyn could've put together a single album filled with all-knockout jams, but it's better than she got to exercise her brain trying to fit in everything she wanted.
  16. The album is no Robyn and it doesn't quite match Body Talk (Part 1) in terms of the sheer number of highs.
  17. Robyn sings and raps about standard diva themes (dance-floor ecstasy, self-reliance), but the music is deliciously wacked-out.
  18. Most of Body Talk Pt 2 is more of the same, but Robyn does occasionally take some significant risks.
  19. Pt. 2 is further evidence that Robyn is still one of the most consistently innovative major-label pop artists working today.
  20. It's great when artists learn to produce work that has more than one dimension to it. Robyn's has two. I'd just like to see her develop one or two more.
  21. Robyn is a sharp, sassy star capable of making heartbreaking, cutting edge, electro-pop seemingly with ease.
  22. And what a voice it is, dominating Body Talk Pt. 2 to a severe degree. Her alto, which sometimes mimics but never goes as far out as Kate Bush or Cyndi Lauper's, is like a fluorescent light on her music, washing out everything in its wake. If you love her voice, great; if you don't, it will cloy you to death.
  23. 40
    Three LPs in a year is only a good idea if you have enough songs. [Oct. 2010, p. 94]
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  1. Mar 2, 2011
    how much does it tells about a ranking site, when the highest position in music, voted by readers (aka this site users) is this Robyn!?!? I guess Pop lovers are just too old here, to admit they like gaga, riri or other top-10 stars. So to kill the guilt they surely dug that ol' lady makin her the queen of pop nowadays, and the queen of metacritic's music section... :( DAMN!

    This record is so average, and so quickly digested that, there's no even need to write about it a few months later after its issue. ,
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  2. Sep 28, 2010
    Robyn is easily one of the best pop act, and this album proves it. Despite only holding 8 songs, it definitely stands out with the surprisingly dance-club vibe. A vast diference from part 1, this part focus on her sexual vibe-esque lyrics and addictive hooks to reel us in (most pop albums are). Her fate as a pop star worldwide is debatable (since America's holds a huge percentage), but as her fans I say go and create more damn good pop songs... and maybe a Konichiwa **** part 2... please? Full Review »
  3. Sep 22, 2010
    I was very excited for Part 2. I purchased it last night and I was very amazed. The first track brought me in and I listened to the whole album two times through. If you havn't checked this cd out yet...DO IT NOW!!! Full Review »