Breaking Kayfabe - Cadence Weapon
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  • Summary: The debut album from the Canadian rapper, who has also remixed songs for Lady Sovereign and Ciara.
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  1. Breaking Kayfabe is a record that demands and deserves undivided attention, its creator fashioning a brain-searing patchwork of ragged rap, electronic flourishes and truncated rhythms.
  2. Breaking Kaytabe is without a doubt one of the most impressive releases you'll hear all year, regardless of genre.
  3. His vivid, scattershot rhymes are clever without being cryptic, and his techno-tinged beats never veer off into tuneless arhythmia.
  4. Breaking Kayfabe is a cohesive set of songs, backpacker in the best of senses, smart and witty and provocative, experimental and well-produced, but at the same time very raw and very real-sounding.
  5. Pemberton’s crafted a uniquely engaging sonic statement that stands on its own legs.
  6. Raised in a library of music and having already dissected his influences, Rollie takes confident first steps as Cadence Weapon.
  7. This superior debut from Alberta rapper Roland Pemberton cuts adroitly from Oliver Square's booty shaking electro to the spare funk of Black Hand. [Oct 2007, p.101]

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