Breathing and Not Breathing

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Summary: A compilation of the albums released by the experimental indie rock group from Amherst, Massachusetts, includes five unreleased songs.
Record Label: Jagjaguwar
Genre(s): Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Neo-Psychedelia, American Underground
Credit: Primary Artist
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Track Listings

1-01 In a Sweet Song 2-16 The Baal Shem
1-02 The Arabian Song 2-17 The Searcher
1-03 The Sun's Bells 2-18 Night at the Opera
1-04 Jack Smith 2-19 Chateaux Banana!, Pts. 13-16
1-05 That I May Never Forget and Stay 2-20 Viva la Speedy Orgone
1-06 Garden of Your Past 3-01 Synaesthesia
1-07 Jack-O-Lantern 3-02 Cúchulain (Blackbirds Loom)
1-08 River Song 3-03 Columnated Ruins/Seeing Distant Chimneys
1-09 The Fallout Song 3-04 Along a Bearded Glade
1-10 Azure Dome 3-05 Swell Song
1-11 The Forest Song (Or Especially When the October Wind with Frosty Fingers, Punishes My Hair) 3-06 Showered
1-12 Hyacinth Girls 3-07 A Donkey's Burial in a Tower on a Mirage
1-13 Ten Past Eleven 3-08 Adoration de l'Agneau Mystique
1-14 Woody Would've Wanted It That Way 3-09 Porridge for the Calydonian Boar
1-15 Strange Song 3-10 Siberian Penal Colony (Ode to Joel Stanley)
2-01 Ranada's Demon 3-11 Green Wings Fly Adventure (Showered Reprise)
2-02 The Language You Learnt 4-01 Invasion from Mars
2-03 All That Returns 4-02 [Untitled]
2-04 In the Whippoorwill's Sad Orchard 4-03 Summertime (Childhood's Impossible Now)
2-05 Blue Elephant 4-04 The Hunchback
2-06 The Pear Thripe 4-05 Mark's Phonecall from Orgoneland
2-07 Flaming Day of the Locusts 4-06 Leaning on the Everlasting Arm
2-08 Andy Herman Song 4-07 Harmonic Convergence
2-09 For Now 4-08 Last Jam
2-10 Descension Song 4-09 Country of Nuns
2-11 The Pusher 4-10 Sky Puddle
2-12 Hyacinth Girls 4-11 Huckleberry Fetal Pain
2-13 Arise! Life Giving Seagull 4-12 Cows of Light
2-14 Talking Moby Dick Blues 4-13 Careful with That Axe, Steve
2-15 Shroud-Like Remains