Bride Screamed Murder

  • Record Label: Ipecac
  • Release Date: Jun 1, 2010

Generally favorable reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. Withstanding some strange experimentation - including a steamy a cappella version of the Canadian folksong "Peggy Gordon" and a sludged-out, seven-and-a-half-minute cover of the Who's "My Generation" - The Bride Screamed Murder is surprisingly accessible.
  2. The Bride Screamed Murder, you see, all works when it really shouldn't, demonstrating once again just how the Melvins can somehow ensure their own very special brand of weird never quite becomes the norm.
  3. The Bride Screamed Murder isnâ??t the best Melvins album ever, but it is rarely less than arresting as a listening experience. Moreover, they sound like theyâ??re having a blast, unconstrained by draconian label expectations.
  4. 82
    After 25 years, The Melvins are still showing rock's terrible pretenders how it's done.
  5. The Bride Screamed Murder is a slight feint away from the two albums that preceded it, but it is, nevertheless, distinctly Melvins.
  6. This album is an onslaught of brutal drumming and bowel-loosening riffs, occasionally leavened by surprisingly delicate vocal interplay.
  7. With The Bride Screamed Murder, The Melvins attempt a refined edge from a songwriting perspective, songs like Pig House boasting some mathematic constructs and the organ bending Iâ??ll Finish You Off acting as some weird Flaming Lips take on grungy psychedelia.
  8. The Bride Screamed Murder is the sort of album one might expect from a long-in-the-tooth group trying to rediscover its purpose and rejuvenate itself.
  9. As they prove constantly on The Bride Screamed Murder, though, there's so much more to this band these days than merely crushing riffs; there's more than enough room to go nuts with the experimentation and still come up with a top-tier Melvins record.
  10. Big Business boys Coady Willis and Jared Warren, the drum/bass duo, returned for their third album as members of the Melvins in 2010, keeping the hot streak going with The Bride Screamed Murder.
  11. Continuing where the dark grooves of 8's Nude With Boots left off, The Bride… exhibits the perfect marriage between the Big Business boys and Melvins main-men King Buzzo and Dale Crover.
  12. It's hard to be impressed by The Bride Screamed Murder, if only because it sticks so closely to the Melvins's routine, but jadedness aside, it's song-for-song as good as anything they've done in the last decade.
  13. 70
    King Buzzo, et al.'s 19th studio album is downright sugary, a sludge-pop romp that mostly plays like a distortion-charred version of the Bay City Rollers or Sweet.
  14. After its so-so start, the disc settles into a grinding yet angular groove that feels as fresh and energized as anything the group released during its â??90s heyday.
  15. The Wire
    It seems likely Buzz and company have also been listening to a fair bit of Magma and Aphrodite's child, given the interludes of unaccompanied percussion, brooding Gothic keyboards and tightly complex arrangements which result in the most consistently impressive album this line-up has released to date. [Jul 2010, p.64]
  16. Uncut
    The Bride Screamed Murder channels the band's two-kit battery into intense percussion romps topped by burly call-and-response bellows, like a military drill conducted on strong hallucinogens. [Aug 2010, p.88]
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  1. Dec 22, 2011
    The first song will BLOW YOU AWAY! the album starts out very stong but does sort of lose some power along the way, BUT this is the melvins soThe first song will BLOW YOU AWAY! the album starts out very stong but does sort of lose some power along the way, BUT this is the melvins so that means that this album is **** metal. The melvins have still got it, as proof by the amazing guitar work of the King Buzzo and the brutally awesome drumming by Dale. And the big buisness boys show they know how to keep up with King Buzzo and Dale. a great album, but not their best (but hey 18 albums and they all kick some real ASS) Full Review »