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  1. The elegance and exuberance of its dancing carries over into its defiantly escapist music, which celebrates hip-hop's endless sonic possibilities with a winning mixture of theatricality and a finely honed spirit of adventure.... Rooted in a love of hip-hop abundantly evident in valentines to the art form ("Rap Song," "Request-Line"), it still takes it in new and seductive places, making Bridging The Gap a heartfelt, infectious classic.
  2. Undoubtedly, this second release finally proves that BEP get to mark their own territory in the history of old-school, soulful -- and playful -- hip-hop. Because Bridging the Gaps is a terrific follow-up full of warmth.
  3. 80
    Like any good party, it's the music and the guests that make Bridging the Gap so memorable.... Each track is so strong and willfully catchy that you may forget who's driving the soul train.
  4. This second album from rappers Will.I.Am, Apl.D.Ap and Taboo is served with a hefty helping of soul sensibility and there are pinches of jazz and calypso thrown in for good measure.
  5. Uncluttered but muscular production, deft samples and smart rhymes all ensure that the album's power increases with repeated listenings.
  6. The Black Eyed Peas are much better musicians and rappers, and play the majority of the instruments on Bridging the Gap. Their songwriting, however, is somewhat suspect...
  7. Proficient, bland, and dauntingly dull, their only threat is a promise to "take it back to the days of Mantronix" (no, please, anything but that).
  8. Although less retro than chums Jurassic 5, their Hispanic-flavoured style constantly edges between sounding cool and simply withdrawn. [Nov 2000, p.101]
  9. 50
    While Gap is tougher and more fun than 1998's bland debut, Behind the Front, the Peas just aren't that good. [Nov. 2000, p.209]
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  1. StanI.
    Oct 3, 2002
    A pretty good outing.