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  1. If Brighten the Corners signaled a turn to the serious, the 32 outtakes and radio-session cuts compiled here give Pavement plenty of room to, as one B-side aptly puts it, "fuck around."
  2. Individually as good as much of BTC, the bonus material is almost as listenable as the album itself.
  3. All this extra material may not carry the same deliberate weight as so much of Brighten the Corners, but it enhances the album considerably, bringing it closer to an album that can stand with Pavement's first three classics.
  4. This reissue bonanza shows the Nineties' premier indie band turning reflective and joyfully screwing around at the same time.
  5. Many of the unreleased, B-side, and cover tracks here are less immediate, but no less joyful for the Pavement completist.
  6. It may never occupy the place in the indie rock canon that "Slanted and Enchanted" has, and it may not be regarded as the band’s high point like "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain," but 11 years later, this album still sounds great, maybe even better in its old age.
  7. A mountain of shambolic, livewire B-sides and covers of heroes and influence ranging from the Fall to Echo and the Bunnymen, help add a sense of balance and ballast to Brighten the Corners. It makes for an expanded vision of the original while at the same time proving that the original’s vision wasn’t quite so narrow after all.
  8. Matador's two-disc Nicene Creedence Edition (nyuk nyuk) goes way beyond the original 12-song release, adding a whopping 31 additional cuts: outtakes, B-sides, compilation tracks, and live radio sessions, all of them top-notch.
  9. Brighten the Corners has held up nicely and reminds us of the special gift Pavement had for hyper-literate songwriting that was humorous and heartfelt all at once. [Year End 2008]
  10. 100
    This slice of weird-rock from a more contented American decade is playful and preposterous in equal measure. [Feb 2009, p.89]
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  1. j30
    Aug 15, 2011
    One of my favorite 90's albums from a great 90's band. Great reissue. I highly recommend this record to anyone who loves the time period and the music made therein. Full Review »
  2. Oct 26, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. From Stereo to Startling on a Slipstream Pavement's Brighten The Corners still puts a huge dent in my listening time. Now If only I was old enough to hear them live back in their adolescent days of dreaming to make it big I could find out just how exhilarating it would be to hear them in person. Fortunately this reissue of Bright The Corners:The Nicene Creedence Edition does with there various extended live tracks. This reissue is filled with even more distortion hard to hear lyrics and sounds that make Pavement even more unique as they already are. I highly recommend this Reissue to any Pavement fans and a perfect beginner album to anyone who is yet to realize just how awesome Pavement is. Full Review »