Broken By Whispers

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  1. Fey, coy, yet rich and deep, track after track on Broken by Whispers emits an exacting, well-crafted melodrama. Subtle electro touches only add to the wondrous acoustic guitars, wondrous and breathy declarations of love, and wondrous early morning seaside atmosphere. Those who balk at dreamy-boy nakedness will want to skip the bathos, but such people are called Americans...
  2. The album is driven by Wratten's sensitive voice, ringing guitars, haunting synths, pattering drum machines, and some of the most beautiful songs you'll ever hear, like a cross between Cocteau Twins and The Cure.
  3. 80
    Trembling Blue Stars construct gorgeously depressed, evocatively gloomy songs that rival anything the Cure or Lou Reed came up with in their blackest moments.
  4. 70
    Interesting as these personal/lyrical developments may be, overall the latest round of self-therapy just isn't quite as tuneful as previous ones.
  5. The arrangements typically blend lush waves of acoustic guitar with moody, cascading crescendos; it's strum-and-Drang best suited to rainy Sundays.
  6. Broken by Whispers shimmers and glitters, alternating from hushed ambience to ringing guitar and synth interplay.... The songs on Broken by Whispers are resolutely catchy, simply bogged down by tried-and-true heart-on-the-sleeve sentiment.
  7. This is music to listen to when you're either very depressed, in order to feel the camraderie, or when you're very happy, in order to mellow out.

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