Broken Hymns, Limbs, And Skin

  • Record Label: Kemado
  • Release Date: Oct 28, 2008

Generally favorable reviews - based on 10 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 10
  2. Negative: 0 out of 10
  1. Uncut
    The hipster-redneck rhetoric could grate, but O'Death are too good to be dismised as a novelty act. [Dec 2008, p.105]
  2. When it comes to production values, Broken Hymns is a marked improvement from 2005’s self-financed "Head Home." Still, songs kinda meant to evoke the 1930s aren’t necessarily better or worse off with snazzier studio treatment.
  3. The playing is tighter and more polished, but they haven't lost any of their manic energy, and in fact this outing is, if anything, even more energetic than "Head Home."
  4. The carnival-esque, unsettling vibe permeating forms both its strong appeal and sometime downfall, as sustaining momentum at the pace O’Death strive to can prove alienating. Peppered with stark imagery and carried off with consummate musical skill however, for the most part it’s utterly absorbing.
  5. The music is often cresting and joyous, implying sweating bodies careening through a space designed to hold half their number.
  6. 70
    Mixing the lawlessness of Hank Williams with the Gypsy fervor of Gogol Bordello, the band's second album is a scrappy, vaguely deranged, country-punk mélange that goes down like an impeccably mixed mint julep: sweet until it burns.
  7. Everything else on the album acquits itself with varying degrees of resonance.
  8. Except for a few slow numbers, which drag as the band overestimates the charm of their shtick, Broken Hymns works consistently, distracting from the staleness of its themes by burning them from the ground up.
  9. Q Magazine
    New York's O'Death are a breathless proposition for the most part. [Nov 2008, p.118]
  10. The disc infuses folk with frenetic intensity, but it's all so over the top that it's hard to take it as anything more than a distraction, like an annoying buzz or a particularly scratchy pair of wool socks.
User Score

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  1. RaquelA.
    Nov 23, 2008
    O'Death reveals a genuine and matured third release that delivers uniquely-raw-panty-soaking-live-energy into studio, into my daily O'Death reveals a genuine and matured third release that delivers uniquely-raw-panty-soaking-live-energy into studio, into my daily listening, my most coveted. Remove all tiresome baggage prior to listening as this album demands your entirety. Above all, go see them for yourself, perhaps in the unshaven lude. Full Review »
  2. FrancisT
    Oct 31, 2008
    Helps to be in the mindspace of one of O'death's shows to listen to the album, which can be a strange place to be anyway.