Brotherhood - Chemical Brothers

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  1. The quality is indisputable, although one might question why the Chems need another best-of. The answer is disc two of Brotherhood, an invaluable collection of their “Electronic Battle Weapons” (promo tracks released to DJs for field testing).
  2. Brotherhood's track listing could easily be quarreled with, but it includes most of the approved highlights from each album, early or old, innovative or orthodox.
  3. Head to the sinister No 7, which combines a zinging acid line with an ominous voice booming, "You are all my children now!" Nobody does it better.
  4. This ought to keep fans going for a while, and does at least confirm that The Chemical Brothers remain at the top of their game even now, fourteen years after their inception as the Dust Brothers.
  5. Brotherhood seems to be one for completists only. But the bonus disc, Electronic Battle Weapons 1-10, takes this into must-have territory.
  6. It gives fans something meaningful they didn't have before (in addition to token brand-new track "Keep My Composure").
  7. With such a walth of material, mixes, and B-sides, perhaps the band should wait until a box set can do them justice. For a newbie, though, this is a great introduction. [Fall 2008, p.89]
  8. 70
    Not much separating Brotherhood from "Singles 1993-2003;"...Now for the tasty part. Disc two contains “Electronic Battle Weapon,” volumes one through nine.
  9. Brotherhood does a passable job of attempting to reconcile the two increasingly disparate sides of the Chemical Brothers’ split personality.
  10. This new record is a more favorable look at the 00s Chemical Brothers than its predecessor, and its 2xCD version features a better bonus disc than the 2003 model.
  11. 60
    Ploughing through the second disc's "Electronic Battle Weapons" techno jams is a stifling experience, punctuated by rushes of euphoria.
  12. Intriguing as this glimpse behind the curtain is, it's hard to imagine many purchasers playing the entire EBW disc more than once. The same might even be said about Brotherhood itself. [Oct 2008, p.156]
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  1. Nov 14, 2011
    The Chemical brothers best work all one disk - sometimes it's easy to forget how many classic tracks these guys have put out. From Galvanise to Setting Sun, Block Rocking Beats to Hey Boy Hey Girl, all the smashes are here sounding as vibrant and energetic as they did when they first hit the airwaves. Some great collaborations on it. Full Review »
  2. GerardoS.
    Sep 16, 2008
    I think it's a great album.
  3. Ramirez
    Sep 11, 2008
    How can this be a chemicalbro' compilation without The Test, one too many mornings and alive alone? the bonus disc is makes up for the lacking tracklist and the shitty new hiphopsong keep my composture though. Great band, bad compilation. Full Review »