Built From Scratch - The X-Ecutioners
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  • Summary: The sophomore effort for the New York turnablists (following 1997's 'X-Pressions') features 20 tracks of scratching and DJ wizardry, coupled with live drums and guitar and vocals from guests such as the Large Professor.
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  1. While their lightning-fast deck skills evoke nostalgia, the X-men still sound like the freshest crew on the block.
  2. 80
    On Scratch, they masterfully explore breakbeat fusion, flowing smoothly from scratch to hip-hop to rock and everything in between.
  3. Each cameo adds style, pizzazz (and most importantly, cool vocals) to the four-man crew's turntable acrobatics.
  4. Purists might object to Built To Scratch's overt commercialism, but the four-man crew succeeds in making turntablism accessible to a mainstream audience without sacrificing the kinetic demolition at the heart of its music.
  5. The collaborations produce some occasional gems, but midway through the disc one gets the impression the X-men are no longer "in their own session." [Feb 2002, p.82]
  6. Built From Scratch is a sharp ode to old school hip-hop that focuses on the roll of the turntable rather than the vocals of an MC.
  7. Just like an album of guitar solos, an album of battling fancy-fingered trick-pony turntablism is an utterly artless endeavor.

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