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  • Summary: The latest solo disc for the anticon producer (best known for his work in cLOUDDEAD) finds him joined by guests Mike Patton, Andrew Broder (Fog), and members of Subtle, Themselves and why?
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  1. 86
    The closest cousin to Odd’s sound is M83, but siphoned through the American ghetto instead of the French countryside. [Filter Mini, May 2005, p.16]
  2. Nosdam is most similar to the New Jersey trio Dälek, although Nosdam's beats tend to be a bit bulkier and he seems to approach his music with a psychedelic sense of wonder rather than with Dälek's anger.
  3. Damn odd. [Jul 2005, p.186]
  4. Pushes the boundaries of what exactly makes music. [#10, p.113]
  5. For a genre that wants to evoke mysterious, uncharted territories, it's beginning to show signs of predictability, and while Odd Nosdam hews admirable results from it, it's just about time for an increasingly defined border to be pushed outward, into more nebulous territory, again.
  6. It is a cinematic work, a work of focus and intensity, and a work that demands attention.

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  1. [Anonymous]
    Aug 7, 2005
    It takes a few listens. But from the opening track "Untitled One" until "Flying Saucer Attack" you are rewarded with some truely unusual and photogenic music. On some tracks Nosdam uses sampled voices from streets as fuzzy beats crackle like heat off concrete building tension until the end. I definitely enjoyed it. And after a decidely lackluster batch of summer '05 releases..vote this the underrated best CD of the summer. Expand
  2. Xyno
    Sep 4, 2005
    This is really good...but...disapointing at the same time :S...