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  • Summary: 'Business Casual' is the debut LP for the dance-oriented Nebraska four-piece, who are frequently compared to some combination of Wire, XTC and Gang Of Four and don't sound an awful lot like any of the other bands on Saddle Creek's roster, save for maybe The Faint.
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  1. An invigorating and refreshing sonic brew. [#7]
  2. You won't be sure whether you blacked out from a seizure, gave birth to twins or simply had one of the best musical experiences of your life.
  3. Business Casual is fierce and competent, and evinces the rippling of powerful musical muscles. But its affectations are so grating that it's tough to make it through it all in a single listen.
  4. There's nothing really spectacular about any track, although in a strange way the entire album does have the ability to grow on you.
  5. On first listen sound[s] like someone taking the piss out of The Rapture. [11 Sep 2004, p.57]
  6. The sheer number of things happening in each song and the volume at which they are performed causes almost instantaneous sensory overload on all but a few tracks.
  7. 40
    Done in by fussy, irritating delivery and lyrics that range from clunky moralizing to potshots at easy targets. [Nov 2004, p.98]

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