Busted Stuff - Dave Matthews Band
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  • Summary: Even the most casual DMB fan knows the story by now: Dave & Co. record a dark, challenging album with producer Steve Lillywhite, those "Lillywhite Sessions" are leaked onto the Internet where the tracks quickly become fan favorites, and the band chooses not to release them, instead heading back into the studio with producer Glen Ballard to record 'Everyday.' The new studio LP 'Busted Stuff' does not contain those original tracks from the 2000 sessions, but nine of those songs (plus two new tracks) are here, newly recorded. Collapse
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  1. This is such a fascinatingly different take on (mostly) the same material that it almost whets your appetite for a third rendering.
  2. These are just good tunes, no matter what the window dressing is.
  3. Remarkably, these songs not only retain their emotional core even after they've been cleaned up, but they perhaps even gain more resonance in this setting.
  4. 80
    As cohesive and potent as Everyday or anything else in the DMB's catalog
  5. 70
    The best album of Dave Matthews' career--the most coherent and graceful, the least wanky and aw-shucks messianic. [Aug 2002, p.107]
  6. Busted Stuff does strip away some of the Lillywhite mystique, dropping the exaggerated façade of "lost classic" status, but it further illustrates that Matthews' discards are often more compelling than his hits.
  7. The band still tends to overplay: Its fussiness undercuts the strongest of the new tracks, "You Never Know," even as the singer reaches for some falsetto salvation.

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