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  • Summary: The bands fifth studio album (and first for Beggars Banquet), 'Can Our Love...' features eight new tracks produced by the band with Ian Caple. It expands on the more-soul-based sound that appeared on 1999's 'Simple Pleasure.'
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  1. Can Our Love... is a minimalistic jewel, a soul wonder and an anomaly in a pop world.
  2. At 45 minutes, Can Our Love... is Tindersticks' most concise album yet, and it sacrifices nothing in content. Eight songs may not seem like much for a full album, but it's all this band needs to make a fully rewarding listen that only gets richer the more you visit.
  3. The settings are spacious, the rhythms stately and Stuart Staples croons woozily about how it's all gone horribly wrong.
  4. Can Our Love... finds the band still mining a quirky romantic sensibility, but with more honest soul than ever.
  5. Magnet
    In the face of today's painfully formulaic R&B/hip hop, they come off as the most soulful act on the planet. [#51, p.123]
  6. On Can Our Love..., Tindersticks get heavily into Seventies soul, which expands their sound with more depth than ever before.
  7. The same old sombre samba, perhaps, but with a renewed sense of direction, it's threatening to take them somewhere fantastic.

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