Car Alarm - The Sea and Cake
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  • Summary: The eigth album for the indie rock band formed in Chicago was recorded in three months.
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  1. Intricate and ever-changing in style, The Sea and Cake give further proof why they've had such staying power.
  2. Car Alarm is essentially Everybody II; an album that subtly stretches the group’s formulaic parameters with rawer production and looser instrumentation but without cementing any concrete boundary-changes.
  3. The sound throughout--as ever recorded and mixed by drummer John McEntire--is gorgeous, and a nice reminder of how thoughtful simplicity can still carry a lot of weight.
  4. Car Alarm feels different, though. What’s difficult to figure out, however, is whether that’s merely a feeling or whether there’s something actually, appreciably novel about the album.
  5. True to form, the band deliver yet again on Car Alarm. [Nov 2008, p.155]
  6. 68
    While the album-opener 'Aerial' and 'Weekend' are still easy on the ears, it's the all-too-short 'CMS Sequence' and 'Mirrors' that whet our appetite for the band's experimental side, which is achingly absent here. [Fall 2008, p.94]
  7. Maybe all of Car Alarm is about conflict, but Prekop glides and sighs over every vowel, making it difficult to hear what he’s saying or to detect a hint of tension beneath the gloss.

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