Causers of This - Toro y Moi

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  1. Causers Of This’ infects your mind with pure psychedelia, splicing such conflicting sounds as soul, freak folk, hip-hop and electronica, and the result hits you like Animal Collective on a comedown, or Ariel Pink with Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  2. Bundick embraces a cleaner and mellower sound that's more indebted to hip-hop. He wears his inspirations proudly, and throughout there's a clear nod to producers like J Dilla and Flying Lotus.
  3. 76
    Closing with a bit of gaudy, high ’80s bubblegum, Causers of This is a bold introduction to a promising newcomer.
  4. Despite its basis in a genre with an expiration date, Causers of This is nonetheless an album worthy of consideration. While lacking in straight-ahead pop sensibility, it redeems itself by simply being interesting.
  5. For some, this could be unlistenable; for others, it will simply come off like the natural product of glitch, shoegaze (to which Bundick certainly owes his chord palette), lo-fi, and psych.
  6. It’s easy to commend this album on the sole basis that despite coating his tracks with an incomprehensible amount of tripped-out trickery, Toro Y Moi still branches out into less protected songwriting.
  7. While Causers Of This appears lo-fi on a superficial level with its rough, oversaturated sound quality, it's evident that Bundick has achieved a level of familiarity with his tools which goes way beyond awkward, sophomoric fumbling.
  8. As casual pop, Causes of This pleases effortlessly, though the listener doesn't get the sense that that's what Bundwick is all about here.
  9. Causers of This sounds like a dance-pop mixtape plunged underwater -- it's all smeary synthesizers, chopped-up dance beats, and washes of reverb.
  10. It squirms and shimmers for an all-too-brief 33 minutes, sounding like somebody melted a cassette with a mix of early-90s R&B jams on one side and Person Pitchon the other.
  11. Toro Y Moi puts intelligence and inventiveness into a youthful music genre dumbing itself down at an unduly early stage.
  12. Pronounced experimentalism is one of the more appealing properties of Bundick’s record, while those most tolerant of tepid, early ‘80s tones will find certain segments easier to swallow than the rest of us.
  13. 70
    Bundick's Causers of This is also peaceful, but the album's tranquil tones sound a lot more like happy accidents than well-executed plans.
  14. Trend spotters will likely label this as glitchy hypnagogic pop but Bundick's attention to pop melodies is almost as razor-sharp as his closest contemporary, Neon Indian. [Winter 2010, p.70]
  15. Unlike, say, Memory Tapes though, Bundick doesn’t burn straight for a memorable hook, the pop elements of Causers of This trickling slowly from a frame that’s shaped primarily upon forms usually spied and assimilated by artists operating in more dance-savvy circles.
  16. 60
    Budget keyboard presets and filtered, treble-heavy production give the likes of "Lissoms" and :low Shoulder" an endearingly woozy, lo-fi feel. [Mar 2010, p.98]
  17. The imaginative scope of this debut shows why expectations have been raised, his hazy soundscapes and blurred falsetto recalling Animal Collective's more strung-out moments. [Mar 2010, p.110]
  18. Bundick occasionally turns the energy up, like in the last 30 seconds of album highlight “Low Shoulders,” but those moments are too few and far between to make an impact.
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  1. Feb 26, 2014
    Despite the efforts to discredit this works, this album is filled with rich nuanced falsettos and clicky summer sound scapes that instantly re-listenable. The range in emotions are immense considering they focus on a crumbling relationship. It is and forever will be a landmark in Chillwave. Full Review »
  2. Nov 6, 2011
    Leave the discussion whether chillwave has a long life ahead of itself and listen to this gem. Toro Y Moi gorgeously mixes psychedelia and electronica and ends up with an album that never fails to bewitch. Chazwick Bundick got the attention thanks to Blessa but there are better tracks on this record. Imprint After has a great piano part, while Low Shoulder touches both on nostalgia and fun. Chazwick proves he is a talented singer, hitting on different notes with always good results. Causers of This feel like a love letter to the â Full Review »
  3. Nov 3, 2010
    Very sexy a great album you can easily vibe out to. I love most of the songs in it and the sound is so well crafted it's easy to just leave on and listen to the whole thing without feeling the need to skip any song. Full Review »