Central Market - Tyondai Braxton
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  • Summary: The Battles band member releases his latest solo album on the Warp label.
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  1. Central Market is a big album for an age that has acquainted itself with thinking small about the album both as a vessel for sound and as a standard-bearer for new aesthetic vision.
  2. Central Market could prove to some that contemporary classical music can be more epic than post-rock, more dangerous than metal, and have more to say than the most verbose MC-even if most of his songs don't have any words.
  3. While the pieces that put the orchestra at the fore are the most dazzling, Central Market is a tour de force that only grows more fascinating with repeated listens.
  4. The strongest tracks here make a case for Braxton’s compositional skills; the rest feel like recycled tales from his nights out with Stanier and Williams, an unfortunate byproduct of placing them within this context.
  5. It's Central Market, his second full solo release, that sees him coming of age in a manner that befits the familial myth.
  6. Which isn’t to say that the rest of the album isn’t impressive at certain points, though the law of diminishing returns weighs heavily here.
  7. 40
    His third solo album is promoted as "new classical," but "J. City" sounds more like a grievous stab at alt-rock.

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  1. Aug 30, 2010
    Absolutely phenomenal record. It blew me away to the point that I couldn't sleep for two days. Finally, the genre of music I've felt had the most potential for years has come out of the woodwork and shown the world that it is not **** around. Optimistic yet raging with intensity. Wildly intellectual, but isn't a prick about it. It takes everything I love about Battles and turns it into real, respectable classical music... created for the 23rd century Expand