Channel Orange - Frank Ocean
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  1. Jul 19, 2012
    Frank ocean is truly very talented, he is great, beautiful lyrics and beats, harmonies, impressive album. my favorite tracks: Pyramids, Pilot Jones, Lost, Bad Religion, Sweet Life, Monks, Forest Gump, Thinkin Bout You
  2. Jul 19, 2012
    Nostalgia, Ultra was my favorite album (mixtape) of 2011. I didn't expect the new album to come close but I was wrong. The falsetto in Thinking Bout You is stunning.
  3. Mar 3, 2013
    Definitely my album of 2012 and essential listening for anyone who is interested in hearing what R&B can be in this age where the genre has largely been condemned to the toilets of 'da club'. Reeking of poor song-writing, flooded with offensive sentiments and overproduction which is spilled over by the proverbial urinal cake of auto-tune. Instead, Frank Ocean has produced a clever and catchy album which not only showcases his impressive (and super soulful) vocal abilities but also his smart strongly metaphorical and satirical style as a lyricist. Unfortunately for me, his album was tainted by moments of self-indulgence in the form of the many 'filler' tracks amongst the 'real' songs which overstepped the line from inspired quirkiness into pretentiousness. Despite that, there are just so many fantastic tracks such as 'Lost', 'Super Rich Kids' and 'Forrest Gump', however 'Sweet Life' is the stand out track for me. Expand
  4. Jul 19, 2012
    Why is it that the reviewers who gave Channel Orange negative scores, also gave Lana Del Rey 10/10? I guess instead of listening to poignant critiques of opulence and wealth, they'd rather hear superficial musings about it.
  5. Jul 19, 2012
    The meteoric rise of Frank Ocean is undoubtedly indebted to his charismatic persona. He is a very intimate human being who is willing to fully wear his heart on his sleeve, but not for the attention. While a lot of focus has recently been cast upon his sexuality, his courage translates to great songs as well, and all the hype hater should admit that this guy is a very gifted songwriter. His songs are almost uncomfortably personal ranging from heart-wrenchingly gorgeous (Bad Religion), to intelligently observing (crack rock), to surprisingly funny (Super Rich Kids). The variety of these songs is exceptional for hip-hop and Frank himself gives across a vibe similar to Stevie Wonder of Marvin Gaye. He's an old soul who has an indie reputation and an ear toward mainstream. Superlatives and praise will undoubtedly be heaped upon him, but rightfully so for this is one of the freshest sounds in hip-hop, maybe in music in general. He's just as radical and revolutionary as his Odd Future mates, but as a singer/song-writer he is second to none. Give this album a shot even if you are not into hip-hop, you might just get hooked. (10/10) Expand
  6. CPB
    Jan 2, 2013
    The best album I have heard in 2012.
  7. Jul 19, 2012
    Frank Ocean is amazing! This album proves what he is truly capable of! when i saw it was 92/100 from critics i was kind of shocked! Not even drake got that high of a score.
  8. N10
    Jul 18, 2012
    The R&B that I loved, I thought was gone, but damn I was wrong. This is an instant classic. The themes and some of it's concept kinda reminds me of Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. And just too compare Ocean with those great artists is something really big. For an debut album it´s great, it's fantastic. It's been years since I heard an R&B debut strong as this one. I've been a big fan of Ocean for quite a while now, and I was sick worried of how the album would be, If it's going to be a disappointment or not. And no. This is absolutley amazing. And now I'm honest, just because I'm a fan it doesn't mean that I'm lying, wouldn't lie to myself, that's pretty stupid. The lyrics are really good, better than I expected. I mean, I've always known that he was a good lyricist, but this was fenomenal. The story of each song is moslty fun, romantic, and sad. It simply is fantastic. He has improved as an artist, just listen to the song "Bad Religion"... Wow, an instant classic and one of the best songs of the year. That's cool, but then their are songs like "Sweet Life", "Super Rich Kids", "Pink Matter", and "Pyramids". And what about them? They all earn a grammy. Yeah, they all do. No other R&B artist has a song at the same level and quality as Ocean does this year. Just one, who? Ushers "Climax". And that's a great song. But yet, theirs no other one. How about Chris Brown? What about it. I pretty much like his music for the fun, and there was no other R&B artist to listen to at that time, just him and Usher just to mention somebody. But then it came two great and MATURED R&B artists. Frank Ocean and The Weeknd. If you haven't heard of him, check him out. Browns latest "Fortune" was mediocre, I'll give it a try agian later. A grammy nomination would be a disgrace to music. But I wouldn't be surprised if it would, there's no other in that category and genre now these days. And don't misunderstand me, I love Ushers music, but I like his older more. That's it.
    Kinda off-topic now, but please buy the album, buy the album if you support great music. It's a masterpiece of 2012. If this doesen't win a grammy for best album, then yeah. Their taste of music is bad. I mean wack.
    It's an beautiful album. The production doesn't feel cheap at all, either way around and also the lyrics. It's detailed, and the stories are for the most part absolutely brilliant! Buy it! It's worth it. ;)
    This ain't average, this is fantastic!
  9. Jul 19, 2012
    hey mr. keep_yr_bias you forgot to add the 10 . ORANGE Chanel is a great album. Thank you sir frank ocean by this record is the first time an r & B artist so pleasantly surprised me. Pyramids 10/10, sweet life 10/10 etc etc. I love Adele's voice but she needed more creativity and better arrangements on several songs, 21. Frank ocean has all those components creativity, depth and art songs. One of the best albums of 2012 but the best Expand
  10. np6
    Oct 3, 2012
    This is the most addictive album I've listen in a long time. And I am not even close of being a fan of R&B or rap.Can't wait to see where Frank goes from here. Well done!!!
  11. Jul 19, 2012
    Songs on this album are like pieces of puzzle! Just like his open letter, now many hate on this guy more than ever. channel ORANGE is arguably Album of the Year.
  12. Jul 20, 2012
    Basically, the best album since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and one of the greatest debut albums I have ever heard. If Frank can top this... wow.
  13. Dec 29, 2012
    Channel Orange is not just an album sung straight through from beginning to end. This is a story sung in complete perfection that only Frank Ocean could portray. Ocean is different, exciting, and complex, he pushed the boundaries that R&B could handle and it worked beautifully. People want to focus on his songs about is sexuality (Forrest Gump, Bad Religion) but he is showing his struggles with finding love in all forms, which is what he is only trying to find. Yet, he shows his love for the strippers (Pyramids, Lost) and the parties (Super Rich Kids, Monks), but his ballads are what show his true colors in the masterpiece that is "Thinkin Bout you," where he struggles in his questions to love someone forever. Bottom line: The album is a masterpiece from beginning to end, this album is already a classic that touches the minds of all the people who will listen to it. Expand
  14. Jul 20, 2012
    Frank Ocean Is the new savior Of R&B. This album reminds me of Marvin Gaye. Alot of artists don't have strong debut albums. But Frank Ocean is proving the whole world that his music is worthy to the planet. I wish i could rate this higher because this album is the best of 2012
  15. Apr 16, 2013
    When it's good, it's amazing, but there are few moments of the album that are hollow and therefore not deserving of a 10. However, that shouldn't take away from the fact that this is a 9.
  16. Jul 18, 2012
    The Album Is Such An Improvement From Nostalgia, Ultra That Is Almost unbelievable, Songs Like Thinkin bout You And Bad Religion Are Simply Breathtaking But Channel, Orange Greatness Lies In The Few Songs Where The Writing Seems Not So Complicated (Lost, Crack Rock) Channel, ORANGE Does Not Have Bad Songs Only Non Perfect Moments
  17. Jul 20, 2012
    Best album of the year So Far. The album really doesn't have a horrible song. Great all the way through, production was great and is just a masterpiece.
  18. Aug 23, 2012
    Frank Ocean was one of last years sleeper hits and after appearing twice on Jay Z & Kanye West's collaboration album Watch the Throne and a critically acclaimed debut mixtape Nostalgia Ultra, Frank released his debut album Channel Orange. On this album Frank brings back the classic R&B we all thought was dead and does a very good job at it.
  19. Aug 26, 2012
    Probably one of the best longplays of the year. And it's so neworleansese.) Fank Ocean sounds like Stevie Wonder of our days. "Lost" is my favourite track by the way.
  20. Jun 2, 2013
    Best of the best albums of 2012, Channel Orange is the spearhead of the next R'n'B generation. Diversity & idiosyncrasy of the album combined with the ability to make the music accessible without taking many spins & plays made it the most beautiful record of 2012. From the sentimental "Thinking About You" to the bourgeois-esque "Super Rich Kids", Frank somehow managed to make every track on this album to become an album-single-material (yes even "Start" and "Fertilizer"). Highlight of highlight tracks: Lost, Pyramids, Monks, Thinking About You, Super Rich Kids, Crack Rock. Expand
  21. Jul 19, 2012
    This is not just a classic R&B album, this is just a classic. Ocean gives the listener everything he has, opening himself up and displaying his most personal feelings for everybody to see. Its sincere, its beautiful, its powerful and you can completely lose yourself for the entirety of the album.
  22. Jul 18, 2012
    This record is simultaneously incredibly fresh and nostalgic. Borrowing classic R&B elements and combining them with modern beats, great guest rap verses, and hugely innovative songwriting, Channel Orange is a GIANT step forward for frank, and also for the entire genre of 'PBR&B.' Breaking free of the traditional Odd Future niche in many places, Frank creates some truly astounding vocal and musical phrases which are complimented by dazzling production and arrangement. Mark my words: countless Frank Ocean imitators are about to start popping up in what seems to be the next hot style in Hip-Hop/R&B. Easily the freshest and most innovative album to come out so far this year, if not the decade. I honestly believe that this album may be a gamechanger in pop culture. Also, Andre 3000 spits the Verse of the century on 'Pink Matter.' The man is supernaturally talented. Expand
  23. Oct 19, 2012
    O que faz de um álbum ser considerado uma "obra de arte"? Não é apenas uma "coleção" de boas músicas, não é apenas a elaboração de arranjos perfeitos, não são apenas letras magistrais ou vocalização perfeita. Uma obra de arte musical em forma de álbum é a elevação de um artista aos céus pelo seu próprio talento. É a consagração máxima da alma, a mente e o coração. É a prova que talento é dado por algo divino. Algo acima de nós, chame do nome que você preferir. Nesses quatro anos de blog apenas três artistas chegaram nesse nível: Kanye West com o monumental My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Adele e o seu arraza quarteirão 21 e o Florence + The Machine com o divinamente dark Ceremonials. O quarto nome acaba de entrar nessa lista: channel ORANGE do Frank Ocean. Contudo, antes de falar do álbum em si, vou dar uma situada em quem é Frank Ocean.

    Nascido com o nome de Christopher Breaux na cidade de Nova Orleans, ele começou a carreira sendo "compositor fantasma" de nomes como Brandy, Justin Bieber e John Legend. Em 2010 se juntou com o rapper Tyler, The Creator no grupo de produtores, rappers, cantores e artistas diversos intitulado Odd Future. O lançamento de mixtapes do grupo junto com o aclamado Nostalgia, Ultra., sua própria mixtape lançada ano passado, chamou a atenção de Jay-Z, Kanye West e da Beyoncé. Com a cantora, ele co-escreveu a canção I Miss You do álbum 4. Com a dupla de rappers, Frank participou do álbum Watch The Throne com a composição e o featuring nas aclamadas Made in America e no single No Church In The Wild. Contudo, o que chamou a atenção da mídia recentemente foi uma declaração extremamente corajosa que o colocou na história da música: em seu site pessoal, Frank declarou que sua primeira paixão aos dezenove anos foi um homem, assim sendo, ele se transformou no primeiro artista hip hop/R&B mainstream a revelar um relacionamento com uma pessoa do mesmo sexo. Em uma indútria tão machista e preconceituosa, a atitude é o começo de uma quebre de barreiras na luta contra a homofobia. Todavia, isso é quase noticia velha, pois Frank Ocean acabou de lançar seu primeiro álbum channel ORANGE. E como eu já disse o trabalho está sendo aclamado como uma obra de arte indiscutível.

    channel ORANGE é a celebração da arte como música. Ocean cria uma obra atemporal ao se colocar em um lugar entre as lendas do soul music como Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye e mais próximo aos melhores trabalhos do Prince. A viagem em um mundo intrigado de Ocean é uma volta ao passado, mas com ao olho no futuro. Complicado, arrebatador, edificante, pulsante, vibrante, brilhante. Frank cominha em estradas da mais diferentes falando do amor em primeiro plano, mas há assuntos como drogas, sociedade e religião. Em cada composição ele vai além do que se poderia esperar. Arranca como um cirurgião órgãos, sentimentos, ossos, medos e muito mais. Como um soco na ferida aberta, ele retrata com maestria de uma pessoa que vive década e mais décadas reflexões profundas e brilhantes. E ele só tem vinte e quatro anos de idade. Podemos classificar o seu som como neo soul para termos apenas uma classificação. Contudo, assim como os três álbuns já citados, channel ORANGE vai muito mais que classificações. A jornada sonora de Frank é muito profunda e multifacetada. O trabalho de instrumentalização é, talvez, um dos mais geniais dos últimos anos. Há tantas texturas, batidas, samples, sons, instrumentos diferentes só que costurados de maneira tão perfeita que chega a ser desleal para nossos ouvidos tentando captar cada segundo, cada batida, cada inspiração, cada pérola. Já Frank como vocalista se coloca em um pedestal que não há proteção. Suas interpretações são cheias de sentimentos, força, genialidade e algo mais que apenas gênios tem e simples mortais não podemos falar com palavras. Não posso ressaltar uma canção, mas posso dizer isso: se você ouvir Bad Religion e não sentir algo arrebatador, esqueça, vocês não está preparado para a genialidade de Frank Ocean. Se sentir, seja bem vindo ao álbum que pode mudar sua percepção do que é música. E Frank Ocean seja bem vindo a eternidade!
  24. Jul 21, 2012
    The best albums are often born out of the struggle to overcome adversity and pain. The process of picking over, examining, and releasing demons through the medium of music mostly results in albums that are honest, unguarded, and emotionally raw - all of which makes for a bloody-good listen. While Channel Orange, the debut album by 24-year-old singer-songwriter/rapper Frank Ocean, certainly fits into this category, it is Ocean Expand
  25. Jul 18, 2012
    Channel Orange is an instant classic. The album is the best to be released from any member of the Hip-Hop super-group, Odd Future thus far. Ocean's smooth voice, and brilliant song writing exemplify what has been missing in most music nowadays, and that is originality. It is very safe to say that Channel Orange is the 2012 album of the year at this point.
  26. Jul 18, 2012
    I dont even like R&B, but this is probably my favorite album of 2012 so far. Definitely worth checking this album out, no matter what your tastes are.
  27. Jul 18, 2012
    The best album I have heard since Kanye's Beautiful Dark Twisted Mind, Channel Orange works not as a bunch of radio-friendly songs thrown together on a CD as we so often here today but rather as 55 minutes of music that all blends together, creating, as Ocean said in his letter, "a world rosier than mine." The only disappointment for me that comes along with this classic is that some people have said this is a mediocre album that only gets attention because of his recent coming out letter. I will admit that this is complex music and some people might not be able to handle it right now (I mean if you go from listening to only the dance music on the radio to this, you're either going to feel enlightened or just not feel it...I probably wouldn't have been able to listen to this album a few years ago) but his recent coming out has *nothing* to do with the reception of this album- it is a classic that is finally giving people something fresh...and hearing people say its because of his sexuality really gets me frustrated...Anyways...lets hope we have stuff like this from Frank Ocean (and the Weeknd) to listen to for years to come! Expand
  28. Jul 19, 2012
    Frank Ocean is 24 years old and much like Janelle Monae, he's on another level of genius. As a black artist in America, it is very hard to dodge the pigeon-hole and to do it with deft. There will be detractors who say that he got a publicity boost from his personal declaration-- and I would argue that they would be correct but only in the commercial aspect. If you'd been following him at all before his blog posting, you would've surely checked out "Pyramids" which murders any Trey Songz, Drake, Chris Brown, or The Dream song. That single set the tone for the push behind the critical acclaim, not his affair with another man. Someone has to learn from Monae's mistake--she had one of the most outstanding albums in recent memory but we feel we're too hard pressed for time to really listen. The vocals on "Sweet Life" are so reminiscent of D'Angelo, I think he may be attempting to challenge the man. "Pyramids" is an epic poem worth dissecting line by line, not to mention one that effortlessly bridges the present discotheque-hip-pop with the funky-90s-XXX-R&B (think Bel-Biv) . "Crack Rock" is our generation's "Too High" by Stevie Wonder. Let's not mention the interludes, which can be disconnect and trite, but only add to the cohesion of channel ORANGE. "Fertilizer" is clever and "Not Just Money" hits so close to home, the line about eating a hot-link to assuage the pain of being broke hurts.

    Now I'm just waiting on his collabo with Janelle Monae.

Universal acclaim - based on 46 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 46 out of 46
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 46
  3. Negative: 0 out of 46
  1. Sep 14, 2012
    Sumptuous and sprawling, his major label debut comfortably backs up the hype. [Oct 2012, p.86]
  2. Aug 20, 2012
    While Ocean's artistic ambition is impressive, it's his haunting candour that really casts a spell. [Sep 2012, p.106]
  3. Aug 8, 2012
    [A] rich and complex album. [Sep 2012, p.95]