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  1. It's a bit more playful and pop than its predecessor, but it retains Tiga’s signature finely tuned electrohouse sensibilities.
  2. Ciao! is at once a tremendously enjoyable piece of dancefloor fluff and an impressively unified statement from a master synthesist of electronic pop pleasures.
  3. By exposing his sensitive underbelly on album number two, Tiga builds up some impressive strength in depth, while pushing the electro-house intersection for all he's worth. It's a winning ploy.
  4. 80
    Featuring the production savvy of Soulwax (who also worked on "Sexor") is an extremely polished and solid release.
  5. His push toward “real” songwriting is aided significantly by Canadian expat and multi-instrumentalist Jason “Gonzales” Beck, who spins a Parisian pop spell on the track Luxury and grounds Tiga’s high-camp inclinations on Shoes.
  6. Anyone up to date on the current dance-punk scene would have little trouble taking most of these 11 songs as outtakes from recent albums by such higher-profile acts as Soulwax, LCD Soundsystem, and Simian Mobile Disco.
  7. Tiga's still not a dancefloor chameleon like Basement Jaxx and he's not yet as pop-oriented and clever as say, the Pet Shop Boys, but Ciao! at least sees him glancing in those directions.
  8. Three decades on, a mini Canadian chap is bringing things full-circle and thanks to an all-star cast including the brothers Soulwax and Gonzales, he almost pulls off this grand appropriation.
  9. Ciao! is something of a confusing beast, then, as it’s easy to be turned off by Tiga’s apparent self-assuredness, as if he’s out to please nobody but himself with his latest album.
  10. On this bleepy, banging, glamour-chasing follow-up to 2006's Sexor, he is working with Soulwax and fellow Canadian Gonzales. Fun times.
  11. Montreal 's Tiga Sontag has always nodded to the genre's 80s origins but keeps it fresh by drawing from rave past and present.
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  1. ErikJ
    Jun 29, 2009
    One of the best dance albums of 2009.. shoes - so hot track.