C'Mon Lets Pretend - Sahara Hotnights
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  • Summary: This 1999 debut album for the all-girl Swedish garage band gets a belated U.S. release (complete with new packaging and bonus tracks) to capitalize on the recent success of their American breakthrough, 2002's 'Jennie Bomb.'
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  1. 83
    Varied and vulnerable. [Jun 2003, p.109]
  2. This is the kind of album that grabs you on the first listen and doesn´t let go until you drive yourself crazy from playing it over and over again.
  3. Even when their brazen demeanor shifts tempo for the stainless melodies of "That's What They Do" and "Wake Up," Sahara Hotnights offers a musically cultivated sophistication that's missing in bands like the Donnas and the Vines.
  4. As good as C'mon Let's Pretend is as a debut album, (or follow up for that matter), Sahara Hotnights is not yet up to the lofty descriptors peppering their record company press release.
  5. It's the sound of innocence, like night-long basement parties spent listening to cheesy 80s rock records: derivative in a naïve tributary fashion, while still glimmering with songwriting promise.
  6. People who listened to Sahara Hotnights' albums in their proper sequence will appreciate their improvement, but those who heard Jennie Bomb first may well end up preferring it.
  7. C'Mon Let's Pretend overall is a passable album, but the riffs just aren't nearly as catchy, and the group doesn't quite seem to have a command on their sound yet.
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  1. PatriciaN
    Sep 8, 2004
    OK, considering they were all about 19 or so when they did this, it's pretty frickin' awesome. I've recently been re-addicted to this CD, especially "Impressed By Me." I can't help it! Expand
  2. EmilieS
    Mar 23, 2005
    they are always better than the rest