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  • Summary: Benjy Ferree's concept album is about the life of Peter Pan actor, Bobby Driscoll, who died broke and homeless at 31.
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  1. Despite its gloomy subject matter, it's really quite a fun listen.
  2. Here, then, is a songwriter capable of drawing remarkable depth from swinging pop-rock, crafting a distinctive voice among an oversaturated pop-music landscape and leaving a front-to-back winner of an LP as evidence.
  3. The end result is an album that’s at once confident, playful and timeless, a treat for rock and roll fans of all stripes.
  4. Ferree obviously loves his source material, and the way he weaves in the references throughout is ingenious. But something about the pleasure he takes in his obsession cloisters it away - he can't quite make his subject matter in a way that transcends Bobby Driscoll's life and death.
  5. Uncut
    Ferree's insistence of shoving everything right up front in the mix, all the time, becomes wearing, but you can't fault his enthusiasm. [Jan 2010, p. 110]
  6. He never quite sells us on the necessity of getting into Bobby D.’s head, and only rarely evinces that he’s done so himself. The good news is that the album is strong anyway, more so when unyoked from the underlying concept.
  7. As it is, Come Back can only be considered a noble attempt at something Ferree just didn't have the skills to pull off.

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