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  • Summary: The debut album for the Canadian trio who were members of the band P:ano.
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  1. At its core, throughout the course of Come Into My House, No Kids remain a group of talented musicians with excellent, compelling ideas.
  2. Less busy instrumentally than P:ano, the band still deals out polyrhythms generously and peppers its tunes with a vast arsenal of instruments that include expansive lap steel, woodwinds, and string and horn sections.
  3. The energy of the instrumental arrangements here are enough to carry the bulk of Come Into My Houseā€˜s twelve cuts to satisfactory ends, even if they are lacking in emotional handlebars to grip on to.
  4. Come Into My House is a rewarding listen and a promising debut froma creative young band. [Winter 2008, p.83]
  5. The album could use a little more of Fitzgerald's fiery extremes, and a bit less of meandering disappointments like "You Looked Good to Me" or "Dancing in the Stacks", but at its best it's a clever piece of musical storytelling by a band unintimidated by genre.
  6. 50
    Music this insistently okay should suffice as sonic Paxil, but there are less complicated ways to treat your depression. [Apr 2008, p.102]

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