Confield - Autechre

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  1. Confield promises elegant production, accessibility in moderation, and one of the most enveloping, thought-provoking listening experiences to come forth from leftfield this year.
  2. 90
    The mind-boggling intricacies and moody, broody sound-sculpting on tracks like Pen Expers find Autechre zooming off, leaving their followers eating cosmic dust. [May 2001, p.110]
  3. Essentially more surgical sonic detritus, it is Autechre nuanced, minutely reprocessed and at the top of their game.
  4. Confield, Autechre's sixth full-length and its best release since 1997's Chiastic Slide, may also be its most ambitious.
  5. 70
    A series of six-minute tracks that set some sort of richly (or ripely?) spastic texture-beats against ethereal drone-shimmers. [Aug 2001, p.136]
  6. Confield not only documents the future of IDM; it also cements Autechre's name in the pantheon of sonic visionaries. [Jul 2001, p.63]
  7. 60
    They've all but abandoned 4/4 grooves, discarded bass as an inefficient distraction and fractured their beats into splintery beatlets that detonate in flurries. [Jun/Jul 2001, p.105]
  8. 70
    Autechre are mulching electronic music, letting their code sweat and rot in the heat. In doing so, they set off a complex ecological process that is interesting to watch, if not always pretty to listen to. [#84, p.105]
  9. Confield presents one of the purest approximations of "machine music" we've heard yet. It's profoundly unsettling, but that's half its beauty; it's a sonic Frankenstein that refuses to let its plug be pulled.
  10. It's kind of a mess in places.
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  1. Mar 24, 2014
    It's hard to describe this album and give a review. All I can say is that it gets better with time and you never fully appreciate this album at his best because each listen there is something new. Though, I would say this has to be the most elitist music in the world, meaning that only a few could listen and enjoy it. Full Review »
  2. May 4, 2013
    The IDM duo's breakthrough release is absolutely hooking, with layers of ambiance and carefully detailed beats, Autechre is able to create a sonic landscape of electronica that will remain the baron of their discography for years to come. Full Review »
  3. Jan 28, 2013
    I listened to this while i was having a vacation in Manzanillo, Mexico. It was 2:00 of the most beautiful moments of my life, inspiring, complex, I was astonished, hypnotized. Confield is one of the best albums in the history of humankind. No exaggeration. Full Review »