Constellations - Balmorhea
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  • Summary: The Austin group added four members since its 2008 album for the band's fourth album.
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  1. Constellations is a work of exquisite beauty, coming from a group that grows by leaps and bounds with every release.
  2. Constellations begs for more rather than delivering all of the goods all of the time. Perhaps that's an old-fashioned concept-- demanding the sort of patience and attention that technology's made obsolete. But at this point, it's exactly the move Balmorhea needed to make.
  3. If "All Is Wild" is the sound of humanity trying to conquer the elements, then Constellations trades that pioneer spirit for a greater sense of awe and hushed contemplation of our place in the universe.
  4. Part of what was so enjoyable about All is Wild, All is Silent is how unexpected it was in the first place, and such a pronounced departure for the band. Constellations, while not as much of a surprise, is no less pleasant.
  5. Constellations is only remarkable when it is given your absolute attention, but it doesn’t come up with enough ideas to keep it on its own, lulling the listener with too many serviceably dramatic but non-descript piano-led pieces.
  6. Balmorhea's spare and beautiful album finds inspiration in the negative space and elegant pacing of the cosmos. [Winter 2010, p.72]
  7. Their vision is so focused on piano and guitar tone and so opposed to the notion of tunefulness that MGMT’s new stuff seems like ‘Motown Chartbusters 3’ in comparison.

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