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  • Summary: Sasu Ripatti's fourth album as Luomo features Johanna Iivanainen, Sascha Ring (aka Apparat), Robert Owens, Sue-C, Panorama Bar's Cassy, and Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears.
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  1. These tricks crop up throughout the album--sly moves familiar to house fans are retrofitted to a pop framework, and the result is an entirely new (and very livable) structure
  2. While it's pleasing to see Ripatti further hone his familiar sound, I can't help but prefer the alchemy of the new: The best moments on Convivial transpose that unmistakable air of aching longing onto a broader, less predictable sonic palette.
  3. each of Convivial's nine tracks unfolds gradually--only one clocks in at under six minutes--not one moment is wasted.
  4. Ripatti has extended himself beyond what reticence he may typically exhibit: his generosity and, yes, conviviality have birthed another notch in an already remarkable oeuvre.
  5. It’d be hard to be disappointed with Convivial, however. It’s not necessarily an immediate listen; it took a few spins before the leaps Ripatti has made started seriously to sink in. But it’s the strongest thing he’s done, either as Luomo or under his Uusitalo or Vladislav Delay guises.
  6. 70
    With every track clocking in at about seven minutes, Convivial may fulfill not only the needs of the insatiable dancefloor, but the wants of those looking for relief of daily life's mundanities.
  7. Q Magazine
    This has a more expansive, almost pop feel. [Dec 2008, p.132]

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