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  • Summary: The two-disc collection of the punk rock band's singles plus five unreleased tracks (demos, outakes, and session versions).
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  1. Granted, Fucked Up’s ambitious full-lengths are always going to snag the most attention. But when it comes to chronicling the group’s heart, recklessness, and rabid devotion to the fine art of the punk anthem, Couple Tracks is the true classic.
  2. Granted, 25 songs of fast, furious, gravelly hardcore punk may seem like a lot to take--and some of the raw alternate takes are in best form in their fully evolved multi-tracked versions on the excellent Chemistry of Common Life and Hidden World albums--but even so, most of the songs included on Couple Tracks are absolute necessities.
  3. Couple Tracks seizes on these dichotomies and captures Fucked Up in all of its multi-faceted glory.
  4. 80
    Five unreleased LP outtakes and alternate versions make this essential even for Fucked Up completists. [Feb 2010, p. 115]
  5. It's a bold, scattershot declaration that leaves vinyl junkies ready to track down Fucked Up's coinciding (but not included) 7-inch single, "Couple Tracks."
  6. Those who don’t want to trawl ebay and other such sites for the out-of-print singles will be happy to have these fabled tracks available to them. It’s just a shame that a release a mere month ago would have allowed more people to fit 'David Christmas' on their festive playlists.
  7. While it is by no means required listening, Couple Tracks is certainly worth it for newcomers and short-time fans of an up and coming experimental punk band. And while it never achieves an album feel, it's got enough short blast of quality to make it worth the money.

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