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  • Summary: This is the first album for the Louisiana-born country singer on Toby Keith's Show Dog label after completing his contract with Capitol records.
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Brown Chicken Brown Cow
Bobby Joel and Betty got a real nice farm Everybody knows that they work real hard Bobby Joel sweatin' in the noonday sun Betty right beside him 'til... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Cowboy's Back in Town, his ninth studio album, works best when he puts his heart into it, instead of just his hat.
  2. Cowboy's Back in Town reveals that this singer can do one thing well; but he does it really well -- and that's offer tough, utterly masculine, contemporary country-rock -- check the closer "Whoop a Man's Ass" -- convincingly.
  3. The country veteran's first album for Toby Keith's Show Dog label seems well-suited to Keith's manly-man worldview.
  4. While Mr. Adkins shares a sense of gravity and an air of intractability with his new boss [Toby Keith], he lacks the winking cheekiness and self-deprecation that have always been Mr. Keith's aces in the hole.