Crime Pays

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  • Summary: The sixth studio album for the New York rapper features Byrd Lady, Skitzo, 40 Cal., C.O., and Sky Lyn as guests.

Top Track

Spend The Night
(Chorus) Baby come and play and lay and stay with me girlfriend I'll change your life. Spend the night with me we'll talk and chill and watch TV she... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. The New York Times
    The fabulously snotty attitude, the melodic wit, the rhymes that tend toward glossolalia: yes, Cam’ron has returned to form.
  2. Cam’ron has evolved on this no-frills release, and it is disarmingly effective.
  3. He's still dutifully reciting his supposed criminal exploits, gleefully threatening to brutalize his enemies, and compulsively demeaning women--and, thankfully, he's still redeeming those deadly boring cliches with inventive rhyme schemes and a well-developed sense of sarcasm.
  4. This is a back to basics effort with no superstar Lil Wayne guest shot, and plenty of mixtape flavored production mostly from the hands of Skitzo or araabMUZIK.
  5. It would be nice to see him move beyond his content comfort zone, but Cam'ron's virtuoso verbal onslaught pays off frequently enough to take this disc to a higher level.
  6. Crime Pays is Cam'ron's triumphant return to form....You also have an overabundance of skits on the album that generally are just there and not entertaining.
  7. Too often, Cam’s ramblings come off as inessential; they used to sound like the idle muses of a savant.

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  1. BrittanyB.
    May 27, 2009
    Killa Cam came back on f**kin fire with Crime Pays! I love the new album.